Elon Musk & Rittenhouse Opening Franchise Firearm Stores

What’s more patriotically American than firearms? Everyone knows that the Second Amendment to the Constitution grants everyone, regardless of age or sex, the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense without government interference.

Elon Musk, this century’s “idea man,” recently came up with a novel concept: franchising traditional American gun stores like McDonald’s, Bennigan’s, or Photomat, so that any law-abiding citizen with a concealed-carry permit Be able to follow your passion and make a living doing what they love.

However, this time Emperor Elon will not act alone.

Fortunately, well-known American nationalist and fighter Kyle Rittenhouse is on his side.

The young pedo-blaster has put all the money he got from the trial to good use and is now in it for the long haul. This report is from Sandy Batt of Fox News.

Kyle is financing the project with Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Biden’s funds through his investment financier Airman Brian Kolfage, who previously worked with the secretive “Build the Wall” fund. It should go smoothly because he is in control of the money.

Despite being approached for the position, Kolfage was reportedly spending most of the day at the boat shop.

The businesses, now provisionally called KILL EM REAL GOOD, are expected to begin operations in Chicago, New York, and Ocala, Florida, over the next year.

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