Russia asked Elon Musk for ALL SpaceX’s latest Technology

Russia asked Elon Musk for ALL SpaceX’s latest Technology: Dimitri Rogozin, Russia’s space chief, is impressed by the United States’ burgeoning space tourism industry, including Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. “I like what your people are doing,” he says of people who spend their own money on things that benefit society as a whole.

According to Robinson, the wealthy in his own nation chose to invest in yachts rather than spaceships, and he expressed appreciation for the private US space sector.

Rogozin, on the other hand, saves his best admiration for Elon Musk, the inventor of SpaceX, and blames his own country’s standstill in space on the turmoil that followed the fall of the Soviet Union.

Rogozin is even inviting Musk to his home in Russia to discuss exploring the universe, extraterrestrial life, and how they can use space to preserve life on earth. “I already set the tea kettle on heat,” Rogozin said. However, the relationship between Rogozin and Musk hasn’t always been this friendly.

Since becoming the head of Roscosmos in 2018, Rogozin has had a passive-aggressive relationship with Musk. Robinson uploaded photographs of Roscosmosexperts surrounded by snow rescuing a piece of a Soyuz rocket in Russia’s remote yakuza area on Twitter and Facebook in December.

This is yakuza in winter; I wonder if gentle SpaceX is able to work in such conditions, said Boca Chica Rogozin, referring to the small border town in Texas where SpaceX is building the world’s biggest and most powerful rocket starship. SpaceX declined to comment for this story, but Musk has proven to be equally capable of delivering a subtle pointed jab.

The US sanctioned Rogozin in 2014 for his role as Russia’s deputy prime minister of defence during his country’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. The sanctions also targeted Russia’s space sector, as rocket technology is frequently used for nuclear missiles.

After reviewing the sanctions against our space industry, I propose that the US bring its astronauts to the International Space Station on a trampoline. After the demise of the space shuttle fleet, NASA was completely dependant on Russian Soyuz rockets to transport American astronauts to the International Space Station, Rogozin stated on Twitter at the time.

However, last year, immediately after the successful launch of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon capsule flew NASA astronauts from US soil for the first time in over a decade.

SpaceX’s new trampoline has resulted in billions in money slashed from Roscosmos’s budget; the trampoline is working. It’s believed that NASA paid Roscosmos approximately four billion dollars for seats on Soyuz rockets between 2011 and 2019.

Although Musk acknowledged in 2019 that Russia has excellent rocket engineering and the best engine currently flying, crew dragon has cut off the approximately 400 million dollars NASA paid to raw’s cosmos every year for crew transport services to the international space station, Rogozin says the payments were a drop in the ocean and the service we provided to the American astronauts was priceless.

SpaceX lobbied for a congressional mandate prohibiting the United Launch Alliance from purchasing Russian-made RD-180 rocket engines for these missions. The controversial practice of buying Russian-made engines infuriated the late Senator John McCain, who led the charge to prohibit the Pentagon from procuring launches.

To wean the alliance off the RD-180, it partnered with blue origin to develop the be4 engine, which will power the alliance’s new Vulcan rocket. Blue origin’s engine is years behind schedule, but ULA CEO Tony Bruno said at the space symposium in August that he expects to receive the first flight-ready be4 engines by the end of this year.

We know that these engines are far from actually replacing the rd180; therefore, Rogozin doesn’t buy it. Instead, Rogozin suggested keeping buying Russian engines since they are cheap. Finally, the low-cost falcon 9 rocket has reduced the commercial launch market for Russia’s proton rocket, which was once a workhorse but now only launches once a year.

Roscosmos is currently working on the Amur, a new form of rocket pioneered by SpaceX and Blue Origin. Rogozin intends to get it ready to fly by 2025 and compares it to SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket as healthy rivalry amongst engineers. So, why should you make friends with Musk? What is Dimitri’s goal?

There are at least two compelling reasons for this. First, if Rogozin could get Musk to visit him in Russia, he and the country’s space programme would be able to bask in his reflecting glory; Musk has a strong admiration for Soviet rocketry.

He just spent an hour at SpaceX’s headquarters in Texas speaking with Sergey Korolev’s grandson. During such a visit, Musk would surely complement Russia’s space programme. Rogozin might present himself as an equal by meeting with Musk, which would be vital advertising for him and Russia’s faltering space programme.

It’s arguably just as vital, if not more important, for Rogozin to attract Musk to the next Soyuz launch. This is due to the fact that Rogozin and Roscosmos have put a lot of money into this mission, which will be piloted by cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov and transport two additional passengers, Yulia Peresild and film director Klim Shipenko.

The actress and filmmaker will spend around ten days shooting a film called the challenge onboard the International Space Station. This film project has sparked criticism within the Russian cosmonaut core because it has resulted in rapid flight schedules.

The budget for the film has been taken from the space corporation’s budget. However, the film is a top priority for Rogozin because he is desperate to have something to show in the 60th year since yuri Gagarin’s historic first space flight in April of 1961.

The project is needed to demonstrate Russian technologies and draw world societies’ attention to the jubilee of yuri Gagarin’s flight, veteran cosmonaut Fyodor yurchikhin said this year, so it must be completed by April 12th, 2022.

Moreover, having Elon Musk at the launch of the challenge film project would attract the glitz and attention Rogerson so desperately craves as he seeks to craft an image of the Russian space programme that is more like Hollywood. Will Elon Musk accept Dimitri Rogozin’s offer to visit him? In a tweet answer, Musk was noncommittal, saying, “Thanks, what is your favourite tea?”

It’s a fool’s errand to try to forecast Elon Musk’s activities. Still, given his legitimate security worries, it’s tough to picture the billionaire visiting Rogozin in Russia or witnessing the launch in Kazakhstan. Rogozin’s offer may even be seen as ominous.

The tea kettle remark brings to mind the poisoning of Aleksandr Litvinenko, a former KGB officer who fled to the UK in 2000 after criticizing Vladimir Putin’s ascent to power. Litvinenko was poisoned six years after leaving Russia by drinking tea laced with polonium; he died three weeks later.

Western intelligence services eventually concluded that the poisoning was carried out by Russian agents acting with Putin’s approval. So while Musk is unlikely to visit Russia or drink tea with Dimitri Rogozin, it’s still worthwhile to try to understand raga’s motivations for reaching out to musk in this manner.

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