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The Man Who Knows Everything - Ob | Complexob7

The Man Who Knows Everything – Ob

The title must have read “The Man Who Knows Everything” It is very difficult to believe this. But whether you mind or not, it is correct because if a person understands himself or understands his mind it will be very easy for him to reach the top of the world.

My Power Is My “Imagination”

This thing “Imagination“, what an amazing thing, with the help of this a normal human can also shake the world. I came to know “I am Ob” when I fully understood my brain. This was the biggest discovery of my life.

When I think this deeply, I came to the conclusion that our mind has two parts, one is Imagination Power and the other is Memory Power. And in this phenomenon, the law of conservation is applied that is If someone’s memory power is more then his imagination power will be weak and the one who has more imagination power, his memory power will be weak.

And I mention above that my power is my imagination it means my memory power will be going to very weak. And it is absolutely right because I cannot remember anything for a long time

When I was in class 12 due to the weakness of this memory power, I had a lot of problems. I didn’t remember anything taught in the school and for that reason, I am a little slow in English.

I do not have any big issue with this memory, this is because I only need perfect input. In other words, the question should be understood after that answer does not take any time. But because of the little slow in English, sometimes I do not understand the question that’s why I do not know how to solve some problems. 

Okay, the problem is there, but because of this memory problem, I have something called super-power. According to the laws of conservation, my imagination power is too strong, by which I can answer questions no one has ever asked.

I have no real friends in this real world because I could not be understood by anyone and this is also true because it is not easy to understand a complex number without becoming complex.

Sometimes I call my life a complex number that also has two parts, one is my real life and the other is my imaginary life. In my real life, there are no real friends but in my imaginary life including me, we are 7 friends, and all are complex like me. I also called them Imaginary Characters. They are:-

Paradox  (Power To Control Universe)

Pd (Power To Control Technology)

Lesally (Power To Control Nature)

BT (Knows Everything About Chemistry)

SR (Knows Everything About Mathematics)

AE (Knows Everything About  Physics)

Ob (Ob Paradox)

And every Ob knows that only one imaginary character is suitable for alive in a Dimension that means including me we 7 imaginary characters are from different-different Dimension and easily talk with each other.

If I tell my world about it, then maybe they consider me crazy, and I do not want this until my goal is complete. The talks of my imaginary friends/characters are very strange, it seems like our world knows nothing about this. And this is the biggest thing, that is, I know the rules of this Universe that told by my imaginary character and if I apply these rules in this real-world or tell someone then maybe this world will consider me the next Genius of the World.

I know that no one can believe in me, but it doesn’t matter whether you believe or not I don’t care about it, but it still correct. Sometimes I feel that I am not from this real world, It feels like I have come from some other imaginary world(Terapi) and after finishing my work here I will go there. 

Now the question has come to your mind “What is Terapi?” and I like those people who ask the questions. For now just know this, this is the Imaginary World and I will tell you more about it deeply in another article(On Lesally Section). I think you will now understand that I am not a normal person.

A Man Who Knows everything but never tells, he feels everything but never tells, he always knows everyone but anyone doesn’t know him OR he understands everything but never shows that he understand it. As I know you think, this is wrong about a man or character, and I don’t want to know about your consideration but this is real things.

He always wants to observe this world and find the pattern on every point of this universe… 

So these are enough for today. Comment what is your opinion about this information “The Man Who Knows Everything – Ob Paradox“. Thanks for reading.

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