Ex-Twitter Employees Begin Lawyering Up To Face Elon Musk

In the weeks since Elon Musk took over Twitter, former employees who were fired in ever-higher numbers are now taking to work in what they say is a near-separation from the company. There are broken promises.

On Monday, Lisa Bloom, a well-known Los Angeles-based attorney, announced at a press conference that she is now representing three ex-Twitter employees in arbitration claims — even for holding a ceramic sink, When Musk took over the company in late October, nodding his head, he joked awkwardly.

Additionally, a New York-based attorney is now threatening to bring new arbitration claims on behalf of 22 former employees, while a Boston-based attorney has brought three lawsuits and claims before the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of three additional former Twitter employees.

Taken together, these represent a collective new legal front the company must now face, given that Musk has fired more than half of the company’s employees since he took over in late October.

At its core, the primary issue is that some employees say they are not receiving severance and compensation levels prior to the acquisition, including bonuses and stock vesting.

Additionally, others were given what Bloom called an “illegal ultimatum” – asking workers to take a three-month severance deal if they were unwilling to remain as part of Musk’s “fanatic” workforce.

Bloom said Twitter was allegedly violating a federal labor law known as the WARN Act, which requires advance notice of termination before actually separating from the company. If found violating this law, Twitter can be fined up to $500 per employee per day.

Information Source: Forbes.com

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