Just in: Elon Musk Twitter Blue is turning ‘red’

The rise of Twitter Blue, a subscription service that offers additional features to Twitter users, has been a topic of discussion since its launch. However, the success of the service has not been as impressive as expected.

This has been reported by Mashable, which indicates that only 6.4 lakh users in India have subscribed to the service since its launch in November. This number is relatively low, given the popularity of Twitter in India.

Additionally, the report states that out of the initial 1.5 lakh subscribers, many have not chosen to renew their subscription. This indicates that there may be some dissatisfaction with the service or a lack of interest among users. Despite these challenges, there are still about 68,000 users who continue to subscribe to Twitter Blue as of April 30.

The cost of Twitter Blue in India is another important consideration. Users who subscribe to the service on iOS and Android have to pay Rs 900 per month, while those who subscribe on the web have to pay Rs 650 per month. This price difference is likely because the web subscription is seen as less convenient than the mobile app subscription.

It’s worth noting that Twitter Blue has faced some challenges since its launch. An ill-fated first attempt was rolled back within two days, and there has been chaos associated with the service. These factors may have contributed to the low number of subscribers and lack of renewal rates.

While Twitter Blue has been a constant topic of discussion, the service has not seen the expected success in India. With relatively low subscription numbers and a lack of renewals, Twitter may need to evaluate the service and address any issues to encourage more users to subscribe.

Additionally, the cost of the service may be a factor, and Twitter may need to consider adjusting the pricing to attract more users.

Twitter Blue is a subscription service offered by Twitter that provides users with additional features. If you’re wondering what features Twitter Blue offers, here are some of the top ones:

Edit Tweet: Twitter Blue subscribers get a 30-minute window to make a limited number of changes to published Tweets. This feature can be used to make updates, tag someone, or reorder the media you attached. However, Edit Tweet currently only applies to original Tweets and quote Tweets.

Bookmark folders: Bookmark Folders is a feature that lets Twitter Blue subscribers group and organize Bookmarked Tweets into folders for faster discovery later. Twitter Blue allows you an unlimited number of bookmarks and Bookmark folders which are always private.

Custom app icons: Twitter Blue subscribers can change how their Twitter App icon displays on their phone with Custom App Icons. This feature lets you personalize your app icon to better suit your style.

Top Articles: Top Articles is a feature that lists the most-shared articles in your network. This feature automatically curates a list of the most-shared articles from people you follow, as well as people they follow, so you can easily find the type of content you want to read.

Undo Tweet: Undo Tweet is a feature that gives you the option to retract a tweet after you send it, but before it’s visible to others on Twitter. While it’s not an edit button, it gives you a chance to preview and revise your tweet before it’s posted for the world to see. Once the Undo period is over, the tweet becomes viewable to your followers, and you can either leave it or delete it as you would normally do on Twitter.

These are just a few of the features that Twitter Blue offers. Twitter may add additional features in the future to enhance the value of the subscription service. With Twitter Blue, users can access exclusive features that aren’t available to non-subscribers, making it a potentially attractive option for those who frequently use the social media platform.

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