Elon Musk Unveils New Tesla Pi Phone With Starlink Wifi

Elon Musk Unveils New Tesla Pi Phone With Starlink Wifi: In today’s article, we will be talking about the New Tesla Pi Phone with complete details plus pricing.

Tesla is going to release their own phone the Tesla Pi Phone, and if production goes as planned, then it will even be available to purchase this year. So, what price can we expect it to be? What are the features? How is it different from all the big-company phones out there?

Tesla Model Pi Smartphone

We’re aware that we start to sound like a broken record when we say that Elon Musk is an industry disruptor. Well, there’s not much we can do when he continues to shake everything up.

Elon Musk has always been known to come up with new inventions and trends. From his involvement, in the cryptocurrency market to the dominator of the Electric Vehicle industry to defeating NASA at what they do best, this man has done it all. Currently, his eyes are set to enter the mobile industry.

His newest plan comes completely out of the left-field as every indication points to the fact that we might soon have a new brand of mobile phones in the market, produced by Elon Musk’s Tesla.

In a market that is already so saturated with companies like Apple and Samsung, can we actually see another competitor surviving in this market? Usually, the answer would be no, but this is Elon Musk we are talking about, so that opens up the possibilities.

Musk also has plans to take humans to Mars, and of course, he wants a phone that is compatible with his plan. Hence, Tesla is developing a new Model Pi that will be compatible with conditions and connections on Mars as well.

Elon Musk has spent the last two decades accomplishing the inconceivable, changing the car and space industries on his own. Musk has never stated openly if he intends to enter the crowded smartphone manufacturing industry.

However, rumors had been flying out of Tesla factories for quite some time. Based on such reports, in 2018, designer Martin Hajek created a mockup of what a Tesla smartphone may look like if Musk ever decides to make a linked gadget for his electric automobiles.

As one might expect, the hypothetical Tesla Model Pi smartphone by Martin Hajek has a sculptural form that resembles Tesla automobiles. A spine-like fin that runs from the top to the bottom of the gadget, which has a glossy red finish, is a tribute to Tesla’s instantly recognizable design DNA.

The device’s carbon fiber speaker grill adds sportiness, while the notch for the front camera is odd, like the front grille of a Tesla Model S / X. Instead of a boxy form, the smartphone sports a rounded style comparable to Tesla automobiles, with a curved display on the edges.

Overall, the Tesla Model P smartphone prototype appears luxury and, even in 2022, is nothing like existing phones on the market. Well, what if we told you it’s not all just about mockups and predictions of what a Tesla mobile phone may look like? What if we told you that a mobile phone is actually currently in the works and has been since at least 2018?

In 2019, even when Tesla was having trouble earning money, it didn’t seem to stop it from attempting new initiatives, such as colonizing Mars, sending a vehicle into space, and creating the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in Australia.

Tesla Phone Design

If the SlashLeaks leak is to be believed, Tesla is working on a smartphone codenamed Quadra. The leak merely reveals a shot of the Tesla phone‘s back and front panels, with no additional details about the gadget. It has small bezels on the sides, a notch similar to the iPhone X, and no chin.

Tesla smartphone model pi
Tesla smartphone model pi

The notch is smaller than the rest of the phone and might hold an earpiece, front camera, and other sensors. On the upper left corner of the rear panel is a camera enclosure.

The rear panel’s center is nearly entirely taken up by a large Tesla logo ‘T.’ It’s possible that the phone’s logo may shine. You can see an alphabet and the number ‘4’ just below the logo.

It is unknown which letter it is. However, based on the name, it is thought to be the letter ‘Q.’ It seems that the Quadra concept later evolved into the ‘Model Pi’. Keep in mind that the Model Pi we’re about to describe was designed by a third party named ADR Studios.

However, we’re betting that Elon Musk will jump on the opportunity for rather obvious reasons. Expect an announcement soon.

Tesla Pi Phone Feature

This new device, according to Tesla, will have a variety of advanced functions. It can also be discovered in almost every country on the earth. The phone will have a high level of regulation in general. Of course, there are no confirmations that the phone can have all these features, but here is a list of the most exclusive features that could come with the Model Pi.


Starlink is one of SpaceX and Elon Musk’s most significant pet projects right now, and it’s the ideal companion to a Tesla smartphone. The idea is to build a network of low-orbit satellites that will allow people to access the internet from anywhere on the planet. It’s also growing increasingly precious as time passes.

Although Starlink clearly has a long way to go, native compatibility on a Tesla phone seems like a no-brainer. This means that the internet network will work in the woods, hills, and even on Mars if you use this device.

The Tesla phone might potentially help fund Mars colonization, which has been a company goal since its founding. However, they’d have to figure out a means to not only hide the satellite phone’s massive antenna but also guarantee decent service from such a small device.

One more possibility is that it would function in places where a Starlink base already exists, such as a building or if it ever happens, a Tesla automobile equipped with the right antenna.

The design incorporates a direct reproduction of the four-lens setup shown in early iPhone 12 concept images. Of course, the iPhone 12’s back camera system has three lenses in actual life, and there’s no knowing what a Tesla phone might do. Cameras are a common method for new flagship models to differentiate themselves, but Tesla may have other plans.

Tesla’s desire to distinguish out clearly through solar charging is a good match for them. With the correct attachment or cover, solar charging is currently possible for many smartphones.

The concept is that you leave it out in the sun to partially recharge your battery — and it’s clearly environmentally good. It’s a fantastic idea to consider integrating native solar charging on the Model Pi, and it’s a great match for Tesla.

With its elegant solar panel shingles, the firm has already created a reputation for itself. But there’s one major drawback to turning a smartphone’s back into a solar panel: you can’t use a cover. Otherwise, we’d have seen more smartphone manufacturers do this by now.

For a Tesla phone, biometrics is an obvious choice. The business could conceivably leverage some of its smart camera technology to construct a Face ID system for self-driving Tesla automobiles. Fingerprint unlocking, on the other hand, is a possibility.

Tesla Model Pi
Tesla Model Pi

The ultrasonic sensor is situated on the touchscreen in the ADR concept. We’ll wrap off with another no-brainer: a Tesla phone would undoubtedly have native compatibility for Tesla automobiles.

Lock and unlock features, remote controls, and monitoring of all automotive characteristics, from battery temperature to lights, are all possibilities. This would not only be a simple decision, but it would also most likely be a main marketing focus for the phone.

It may be possible to connect it to the Neuralink itself in the future, although this is more of a pipe dream. Yes, it’s an Elon Musk product with its own website, but the neurotech firm is still a long way from launching consumer-level brain-machine interface goods.

For a Tesla phone to allow native connections, it will have to be consumer-level. We can only hope for some fascinating medical applications arising from Neuralink research, such as assisting assistive technology in the next years.

Perhaps the single greatest and most useful advantage of a Tesla phone in the short term that we can expect to see is a perfect utilization of SpaceX’s future Starlink constellation to provide real-time instantaneous GPS services.

We all know how GPS images and pathfinding services provided by them are dodgy in many places around the world. Often, they are not updated to reflect changes in city layout. New streets are not shown, and old streets are left unchanged on the maps.

A real-time GPS surely seems quite possible with Starlink’s coverage, and a phone could greatly capitalize on it if it’s made exclusive. To many, a Tesla phone seems like a strange proposal. It feels like an out-of-place and out-of-character thing for a car company to do to them.

However, it must be remembered that Tesla is quite special and unique when it comes to how it operates. Have you ever heard of a car company making its own gas pumps or refueling systems? Tesla makes the equivalent with charging stations.

It certainly seems like an Elon Musk thing to do. Rest assured, though, that we will see a Tesla mobile phone very soon following an official announcement. It fits perfectly within Elon Musk’s vision for a world radically transformed yet again by advanced technology, with multiple functions brought under the unifying oversight of a single system.

Tesla Pi Phone Price 2022

A phone with such advanced technology is bound to come with a great price tag. While all experts have their own expectations, anywhere between $800 to above $2,000 as well, the most common prediction among these was that the phone is most likely to be valued at between $800 to $1,200, which seems a fair price.

Tesla Phone Pre-Order

As per our understanding, Tesla, just like Apple, wishes to create an elite niche where having a Tesla phone is more than just a device. Other than that, once the phone is released, there will surely be a pre-order option, where you can get your hands on this Tesla product just like every other one.

If the company follows the patterns that they have been following till now, then chances will be that pre-ordering would be available on their website itself. Even for their cars, Tesla does not believe in dealerships and showrooms. Hence, they ask all their customers to order and pre-order their cars directly from the official Tesla website.

If pre-ordering is an option, then we could easily expect the phone to get over a million pre-orders within the first month of its release.

FAQ Regarding Tesla Phone Model Pi

Is Tesla Releasing Their Smartphone?

There is no official proof regarding this smartphone, but the internet is full of rumors that in the upcoming years Tesla will launch their newly advanced smartphone.

What will be the name of the upcoming Tesla Smartphone?

According to the Chinese Edition of MyDrivers.com, the phone will launch with the brand name of Tesla Model Pi or Model P.

What will be the cost of the Tesla Smartphone Model Pi?

According to the available information on the internet, this smartphone will have a price range between $800 to $1200.

Who is the designer of the Tesla Model Pi?

Rumors suggest that the designer of the Tesla Model Pi is Antonio De Rosa (who also worked for apple products).

Will Tesla Phone Model PI have Neuralink Features?

Some people said that this device will have Neuralink features.

Will Tesla Phones have Cryptocurrency Mining Features?

Yes, According to rumors on the internet.

Will Tesla Model Pi have Starlink Wifi Network?

According to some youtube verified Youtube Channels this phone will have a Starlink Wifi Network, Which means there is no need for a Starlink antenna for this phone.

How many cameras are there in Model Pi?

It has 4 cameras in the backend and 1 camera in the front.

Will Tesla Model Pi has a Solar Charging Feature?


Will Tesla Phones have Color-Changing Features?


When will Elon Musk release their smartphone?

There is no official date announced yet, but maybe it will release between 2022 to 2025.

Are tesla phones for sale?

There is no information regarding this.

Is the tesla phone coming?

Yes, rumors suggest developing in progress.

So, what do you think? Do you think it’s worth it? Can it change the mobile phone industry? Let us know what you think of a Tesla phone in the comments below?


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