Is Elon Musk a Time Traveller?

Time travel. A concept that has been explored since the early 1900s. Time travel is a widely-recognized concept in both philosophy and fiction, and we have the writer, H.G. Wells, to thank for the popularization of time travel.

His novel, titled The Time Machine, was published in 1895, and it sowed the seeds of the questions we ask about time travel today. If you are a fan of comics, you must have seen comic characters like the speedster Flash travel back in time using the speed force.

What if we tell you we might have a time traveler in our midst today, someone with so many achievements and knowledge that has made people doubt whether he is human or not.

Elon Musk is undoubtedly an eccentric man; he doesn’t behave as rich people do, and so many people think he’s either superhuman or alien. But this business magnate has just let it slip that he is a 3000-year-old vampire.

The internet isn’t surprised; Musk’s vast knowledge about many things makes him either a Vampire as he claims to be or a time traveler. Don’t go anywhere; keep watching as we unravel this mystery and get to the bottom of this claim.

Elon Musk is the subject of so many conspiracy theories. The rumors just go on and on. Some people believe that the billionaire is an alien, some think he is a time traveler, and talk about him being a vampire has surfaced.

If you were Musk, you might want to clear the air and be done with the rumors too. Some of these claims are not without proof.

In February 2020, Elon Musk took to Twitter to reveal that he is actually a 3000-year-old vampire. He didn’t just come out of the blues to make this revelation; he was prompted by another Twitter user who wanted to know who Musk really is.

It all began when Mr. Musk tweeted about the assembly of Starship SN1. In his tweet, he spoke about how engineers at SpaceX had made a major improvement to the spacecraft design because they had the settings all wrong.

This was when a fan replied with a tweet of his own; it says, “You would have saved time if you had used the right setting first. Have you considered time travel, to save time, Chosen One?.” The Twitter user had also posted a picture of a Canadian fighter pilot, Raymond Collishaw, who was born in 1893 and bore a striking resemblance to the billionaire.

Elon Musk Time Travel Claim
Elon Musk Time Travel Claim

The Twitter user asked Elon Musk why he was in Canada in 1914. He asked why his name was Raymond Collishaw and why his occupation as an ace fighter pilot. Musk has a track record of posting memes and witty replies on Twitter, and he just couldn’t let this one slide.

He replied with, “Full disclosure, I’m actually a 3000-year-old vampire. It’s such a trial assuming all these false identities over the centuries!”.

Elon Musk Vampire Tweet
Elon Musk Vampire Tweet

As we have seen from the endless movies and TV series made about Vampires, every hundred years or so, Vampires have to change locations and assume new identities so that they won’t be found out when people realize that they don’t age or die.

Musk’s admission didn’t shock the internet, and many used the opportunity to express their thoughts. One Twitter user asked the billionaire to admit to being an alien, while another replied that she knew all along that Musk had always been a vampire.

Another user replied saying, “I figured as much! Either that or you have a hot tub time machine.” This is not the first time Elon Musk has been accused of having superhuman powers. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo made a joke about Musk being from the future.

In his words, “Elon may be proof that time travel exists because he seems to have either more hours in the day than the rest of us have, or he’s from the future.” Mr. Costolo said that in 2017. He went on to say that Musk’s ability to think cogently and thoughtfully about such a wide range of topics while running these multiple companies and running them well is remarkable.

We can’t tell you if vampires genuinely exist. If they have the power to manipulate human minds, they might be your neighbors, so keep an eye out. Here’s what we can tell you; in the same year that Mr. Costolo made this joke about Elon Musk, the billionaire admitted to being a time traveler when a Twitter user asked if he was one.

Musk simply replied I can’t hide the truth anymore. Musk has seven children, and we haven’t seen any other with wings or baby fangs. We are not trying to dispute that he’s a vampire, but maybe he fed that to the public to hide a bigger truth, time-traveling. How about we tell you something you haven’t realized about time traveling. Time traveling is possible.

As you read this article, you are traveling forward in time, hurtling into the future at an impressive rate of one second per second. Amazing right? We are always moving through time at a constant speed. Even when you lay in your bed doing nothing, you constantly move through time with the same speed.

Musk was so far off from the truth when he claimed he was a time traveler. But we are certain this isn’t the sort of time travel that interests you. It is not the kind of time travel that has been discussed and debated for centuries.

The big question is, can we travel backward in time or to the future? In 2009, a British physicist, Stephen Hawking, decided to throw a party for time travelers; the twist to this story was that he sent out the invites a year after the party had been held. No one showed up.

Many scientists had argued that you could never travel back before the moment your time machine was built. Traveling into the future might be possible. Let’s look at ways this can be made possible. One way to time travel is by speed. We see that a lot in the movies.

According to scientists, it would be the most practical and easiest way to time travel. Let’s dabble into some science. Einstein’s theory of special relativity says when you travel at speeds approaching the speed of light, time slows down for you relative to the outside world.

This has actually been measured using two atomic clocks. One of these clocks was flown in a jet aircraft, while the other was left stationary on earth. Physicists showed that the clock in the jet aircraft ticked slower because of its speed. Another way time travel can be made possible was also inspired by Einstein.

According to his theory of relativity, the stronger the gravity you feel, the slower time moves. For example, as you get closer to the center of the earth, the strength of gravity increases, so time runs slower for your feet than your head.

In 2010, physicists at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology placed two atomic clocks on shelves; one was placed several centimeters above the other. They found out that the lower clock ticked slower because it felt a slightly stronger gravity.

This means that if we want to travel to the future, we need a region of extreme gravity, something similar to a black hole. The closer you get to the event horizon, the slower time moves for you. Of course, this is risky business because black holes are dangerous.

If you get sucked in, you might not be coming back. Wormholes are another way time travel can be made possible. Wormholes are like shortcuts through spacetime; these wormholes might be able to bridge distances of a billion light-years or more or different points in time.

Many physicists, including Stephen Hawking, believe that wormholes are constantly popping in and out of existence at a scale relatively smaller than atoms. To use it for time travel, we would have to capture one and inflate it to human scales, which would require an enormous amount of energy. But it might just work; at least it works in theory.

Enough science talk. Will we ever be able to build a time machine and go towards or backward in time? The answer is we don’t know yet. Even though the concept of time travel has been around for more than a century, physicists haven’t made much progress with the subject.

Outside physics, some ancient myths have depicted a character moving forward in time. In Hindu mythology, the story about King Raivata, who travels to heaven to meet the creator, is well known.

Upon his return to Earth, he finds that many ages have passed. There is also the Japanese tale of Urashima Taro. It tells the tale of a young fisherman who visits an undersea palace. When he returns to his home three days later, he finds out that 300 years have passed.


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