Did Elon & I have sex or an affair? No: Google Co-founder’s ex-wife on allegations

Attorney Nicole Shanahan has recently spoken out about a scandal that occurred nearly a year ago, involving her and Elon Musk. The Wall Street Journal had reported that unnamed sources alleged Shanahan had an affair with Musk while she was married to Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google.

Shanahan, however, vehemently denied these claims. The allegations had caused significant turmoil, affecting not only her personal life but also the friendship between Musk and Brin.

The situation eventually led to Shanahan and Brin filing for divorce. Musk, on the other hand, took to Twitter to dismiss the report as “total bs” and shared a photo of himself and Brin at a party. Shanahan’s attorney also labeled the story as an “outright lie.”

In her first in-depth interview since the scandal broke, Shanahan addressed the entire ordeal with People magazine. She reiterated that there was no romantic or sexual relationship between her and Musk. Instead, she explained that their interactions were purely “collegial” and focused on seeking advice from Musk regarding autism treatment for her daughter.

Shanahan’s daughter is on the autism spectrum, and given Musk’s involvement with Neuralink, a brain-computer interface company, she sought his insights. Musk has previously expressed his belief that Neuralink’s technology could potentially help “solve” autism and other neurological conditions.

Shanahan emphasized the significance of her conversation with Musk, describing it as a meaningful discussion about life and how individuals support one another. She expressed frustration and a sense of injustice at being portrayed negatively and labeled with a metaphorical “scarlet letter” for an innocent interaction.

The aftermath of the scandal has been emotionally devastating for Shanahan, as she described it as “utterly debilitating.” The claims made against her not only affected her reputation but also strained her relationship with Brin, leading to their divorce.

Throughout the interview, Shanahan maintained her denial of any romantic involvement with Musk, reiterating that their discussions were focused on her daughter’s well-being and the potential of Neuralink’s technology to help individuals with autism.

She expressed her disappointment at being unfairly portrayed and criticized by the media. The scandal has undoubtedly taken a toll on her personal and professional life, and Shanahan hopes that by speaking out, she can set the record straight and bring some clarity to the situation.

Overall, Nicole Shanahan, a prominent attorney and the ex-wife of Sergey Brin, has addressed the scandal surrounding her alleged affair with Elon Musk. Shanahan strongly denied the allegations, stating that her interactions with Musk were solely centered around seeking advice on autism treatment for her daughter. She emphasized the significance of their conversation and expressed frustration at being unjustly labeled and criticized.

The scandal had a profound impact on Shanahan, leading to a strained friendship between Musk and Brin, and ultimately resulting in Shanahan and Brin’s divorce. By sharing her side of the story, Shanahan hopes to counter the false narrative and move forward from the deeply troubling experience.

Attorney Nicole Shanahan has revealed that she recently finalized her divorce from Sergey Brin, after undergoing a 17-month legal process. At the time the scandalous allegations of an affair with Elon Musk surfaced, Shanahan stated that she and Brin were already separated.

In an interview with People, Shanahan shared her emotional turmoil, describing the experience of being associated with a sexual act as one of the most humiliating things she has endured. She expressed how the situation had a devastating impact on her, leaving her feeling utterly debilitated.

The constant media scrutiny and the lack of understanding about her personal life and identity made her feel as though everything she had worked for was under attack.

Insider reached out to Shanahan, Musk, and representatives for Brin for comment, but there was no immediate response. The Wall Street Journal, whose report initially broke the scandal, stated that they stand by their reporting, expressing confidence in their sourcing.

Shanahan, who is the founder of the Bia-Echo Foundation, stated that she has since learned to move on from the scandal. She acknowledged that she had always struggled to adapt to the billionaire lifestyle, even before the scandal.

Shanahan reflected on the challenges of having immense wealth and remaining grounded, pointing out the inherent sense of disconnectedness and the lack of community that can come with being a billionaire.

During the interview, Shanahan discussed various aspects of her life, including her early career and her initial encounter with Brin at Stanford University. She also mentioned her latest venture, Planeta Ventures, a venture capital firm.

In summary, Nicole Shanahan has disclosed that her divorce from Sergey Brin was recently finalized after a lengthy legal process. She spoke about the humiliation and emotional toll she experienced due to the scandalous allegations of an affair with Elon Musk.

Shanahan expressed her frustration at the media’s lack of understanding and the resulting impact on her personal and professional life. Although there was no immediate comment from Shanahan, Musk, or Brin regarding the interview, The Wall Street Journal reaffirmed the validity of their reporting.

Shanahan shared her struggles with the billionaire lifestyle and the challenges of remaining grounded. The interview also touched upon her background, her initial meeting with Brin, and her current venture, Planeta Ventures.

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