Elon Mask’s ‘limbic resonance’ tweet for Taylor Swift slammed by fans

Taylor Swift begins her highly anticipated “The Eras Tour in the US” on March 17. Since then, fans have been sharing the clip on Twitter and his name as well as Era’s Tour has been trending on the microblogging site.

While many praised the singer for her performance on stage, the singer received unexpected praise from none other than Twitter CEO Elon Musk, which took some users by surprise.

When Satoshi Nakamoto, which is the name used by Billy Marcus, the founder of Dogecoin, tweeted about Taylor Swift, “Taylor Swift rules, and if you disagree you will be kicked off the internet, I’m pretty sure, Elon Musk answered this. He tweeted, “Her limbic resonance skill is exceptional.”

While many people scratched their heads to understand what Elon really meant as he shared an unusual appreciation for the singer, many fans also noticed that he previously commented on Taylor Swift’s main post with a cigarette emoticon.

According to the website Psych Mechanics, limbic resonance is defined as “a state of deep emotional and physical connection between two people.” The limbic system in the brain is the seat of emotion.

When two people are in limbic resonance, their limbic systems are in sync with each other. It alludes to the idea of ‘catching’ the other person’s feelings. Elon’s comment prompted hilarious reactions online with many fans even saying that he is following her and that she should stay away from him.

The Eras Tour Twitter handle wrote under Elon’s cigarette emoticon comment: “Leave her alone…”

One fan commented, “Elon have you considered dating Taylor Swift? The breakup album will be legendary.”

Another comment read, “You are right but stop talking about her.”

Taylor has yet to respond publicly to Elon’s remarks. Meanwhile, she opened the tour with the song Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince at State Farm Stadium near Phoenix, totaling 44 songs in a duration of three hours and 15 minutes.

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