Elon Musk, Scouting For New Tesla Factory Location, Maybe It’s India

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Tuesday that the automaker is expected to select a new factory location by the conclusion of this year.

When asked about the possibility of India being a potential location during an event with the Wall Street Journal’s Thorold Barker, Musk responded with enthusiasm, stating, “Absolutely.”

In an interview last week, India’s deputy minister for technology informed Reuters that Tesla is genuinely committed to establishing a manufacturing presence in India.

This assertion underscores the company’s serious intent in expanding its global output as the world’s most valuable automaker. Earlier this year, Tesla had disclosed its plans to construct a gigafactory in Mexico.

During a recent discussion, Elon Musk, who serves as the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, and the founder of various other companies, proposed the creation of an educational institution that would possess significant voting power. However, he refrained from providing specific details regarding this concept.

Musk also revealed that he has already identified a successor for the Tesla board, ensuring that the individual would be capable of managing the company in a worst-case scenario. He shared, “I’ve informed the board, ‘If something were to unexpectedly happen to me, this is my recommendation for taking over.'”

Last year, James Murdoch, a Tesla board director, testified in court that Musk had identified a potential successor to lead the electric carmaker. This revelation came at a time when investors expressed concerns about Musk’s preoccupation with Twitter.

Recently, Musk appointed a new CEO for Twitter and expressed his intention to allocate more focus towards Tesla.

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