Elon Musk’s Big Announcement, Verified Twitter Accounts Are Now ‘Prioritised’

On Tuesday, Twitter owner Elon Musk announced that verified accounts will be a priority. The billionaire tweeted, “Verified accounts are now prioritized.” This announcement comes after Twitter stripped blue checkmarks from accounts that were verified before Musk took over the company. In another tweet, Musk wrote, “Sometimes, when you learn about something, you think you have it.”

Twitter’s blue checkmark, or verification badge, is a symbol that indicates an account is authentic and belongs to a real person, organization, or brand. The badge was originally created to help users identify accounts that were genuinely associated with public figures, celebrities, or organizations.

However, the badge was quickly adopted by many users as a status symbol, leading to a rush to get verified. In recent years, Twitter has struggled to manage the verification process, leading to controversy and confusion.

Musk’s announcement about verified accounts comes after Twitter made changes to its verification process. In November 2020, Twitter announced that it was relaunching its verification program after a three-year hiatus.

However, the company faced criticism for its handling of the process, as many controversial figures were verified while others were denied. In response, Twitter temporarily suspended the program in March 2021 and announced that it would be making changes to the verification process.

In April 2021, Twitter announced that it was stripping blue checkmarks from accounts that no longer met its updated criteria for verification. The move was controversial, as many users felt that the company had been unclear about the new criteria and had not given users sufficient time to comply.

Some users also accused Twitter of using the verification badge as a means of punishing users who had expressed controversial views or who had been targeted by harassment campaigns.

Musk’s announcement about verified accounts suggests that Twitter is once again making changes to its verification process. It is not clear what these changes will entail or whether they will address the concerns that users have raised about the verification process.

However, Musk’s tweet suggests that Twitter is aware of the importance of the verification badge and is taking steps to prioritize it.

In addition to the changes to its verification process, Twitter has also launched a new paid subscription service called Twitter Blue. The service offers several new features, including the ability to edit tweets within 30 minutes of posting, custom app icons, NFT profile pictures, and bookmark folders.

One of the key features of Twitter Blue is the ability to get a blue checkmark, which was previously only available through the verification process. However, users must pay a monthly fee to access the service.

The launch of Twitter Blue has led to controversy, as many users feel that the company is charging for features that should be available for free. Some users have also expressed concern that the service will create a two-tiered system on the platform, where verified users have access to features that are not available to non-verified users.

The restoration of blue checkmarks to some verified accounts also raises questions about Twitter’s handling of the verification process. It is not clear why some accounts have had their checkmarks restored while others have not. Some users have speculated that the restoration is related to the launch of Twitter Blue and that verified accounts are being given preferential treatment.

Overall, the announcement about verified accounts and the launch of Twitter Blue highlight the ongoing challenges that Twitter faces in managing its platform. The company must balance the needs of users who want a clear and trustworthy platform with the demands of advertisers and investors who want to see growth and profitability.

As Twitter continues to evolve, it will need to find new ways to address these competing demands and to ensure that its platform remains a valuable resource for users around the world.

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