Just in: Elon Musk is no longer the CEO of Twitter

Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur and CEO of several companies including Tesla and SpaceX, has stepped down as the CEO of Twitter. His departure marks a significant change in the leadership of the social media platform. On Monday, Linda Yaccarino assumed her position at Twitter, officially starting her role as the company’s new CEO.

Yaccarino, previously the chief of ad sales at NBCU, announced her arrival on Twitter with a tweet that said, “It happened — first day in the books!” Her appointment was initially scheduled for around June 22, as indicated by Musk’s tweet on May 11, which mentioned that she would start in six weeks. However, it was later reported by The Information that Yaccarino would take over the reins of Twitter more than two weeks ahead of schedule.

In his announcement, Musk clarified that he would transition to the roles of executive chairman and chief technology officer (CTO) at Twitter. As executive chairman, he will oversee the overall direction and strategy of the company. In his capacity as CTO, Musk will focus on areas such as product development, software, and system operations.

Musk’s shift in responsibilities at Twitter suggests a change in his day-to-day involvement with the company, allowing him to focus on other ventures while still maintaining a significant position within the social media platform. Meanwhile, Yaccarino’s appointment brings her extensive experience in advertising and media to Twitter, potentially shaping the platform’s future strategies in these areas.

Elon Musk had been serving as the CEO of Twitter since his company, Tesla, purchased the social media platform for a staggering $44 billion in October of the previous year. However, recent reports indicate that the value of Twitter has declined significantly since then. Fidelity, one of the stakeholders, estimates that the company’s value has dropped to approximately one-third of its initial purchase price.

Musk initially announced his intention to step down as Twitter CEO back in December. This decision came after a poll conducted among Twitter users. However, in April, he made a lighthearted remark, jokingly suggesting that his dog had taken over the role of CEO.

Now, Linda Yaccarino takes on the challenging responsibility of leading Twitter and spearheading its efforts to generate profitability and reinvigorate its advertising business. It is a critical task, given that Twitter has faced challenges in effectively monetizing its platform and attracting advertisers in recent years.

Yaccarino’s extensive background in advertising and media positions her well to tackle these challenges. Her strategic vision and experience in the industry will be crucial in formulating new approaches to drive revenue growth and enhance Twitter’s position in the highly competitive digital advertising landscape.

Overall, Yaccarino’s appointment marks a crucial juncture for Twitter as it seeks to regain momentum and establish a sustainable path towards profitability.

According to a leaked internal presentation obtained by The New York Times, Twitter has experienced a significant decline in its US ad revenue, with a 59% drop compared to the same period the previous year. Additionally, the company has consistently failed to meet weekly revenue projections by as much as 30%. These figures indicate the challenges Twitter is facing in generating advertising revenue and maintaining advertiser confidence.

Insider reported on Monday that Elon Musk, in his role as executive chairman and CTO, is placing a strong emphasis on Twitter’s live video service. Speculation from advertisers suggests that Musk intends to shift the platform’s focus towards video content, leveraging Linda Yaccarino’s expertise in selling ads alongside video content. This strategic direction aligns with industry trends, as video advertising has gained significant traction in recent years.

Yaccarino’s prompt assumption of her role as Twitter’s CEO comes shortly after the resignations of two high-ranking executives in the company’s safety division. Elon Musk stated that these resignations were related to the controversy surrounding Twitter’s decision to limit the visibility of the documentary titled “What is a Woman?” produced by conservative commentator Matt Walsh, which focuses on transgender individuals.

Overall, the leaked revenue figures, coupled with Musk’s prioritization of Twitter’s live video service and Yaccarino’s appointment, suggest a concerted effort to address Twitter’s advertising challenges, capitalize on video content, and navigate sensitive issues related to content visibility and moderation.

Information Source: BI

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