New Tesla Cybertruck Interior Leaks: Improved Features & Many More

New Tesla Cybertruck Interior Leaks: Improved Features & Many More:- I am sure you are already aware of the exterior looks of Tesla’s Cybertruck, although the interior design has been kept a secret all this while. But thanks to a leaker, the highly anticipated interior design is no longer a secret.

Some leaked images appeared on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum after the Tesla Shareholder Meeting held in Texas earlier this month, indicating that we might be seeing a lot of changes in the interior of the Cybertruck. Notable among them is the steering wheel. Here’s all you need to know about the interior design of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Steering Wheel

If there’s one thing that Tesla is known for, it’s how innovative they are in car control systems. For example, apart from championing self-driving cars, the tech company also introduced a yoke driving wheel in their Model S and Model X cars as part of their innovative designs.

However, many find it quite impractical, a reason why Tesla has recently added traditional driving wheel options to the Model S and Model X. It’s almost as if Tesla is doing the same with the Cybertruck.

Although the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, earlier believed drivers will grow to adapt to the yoke steering wheel of the Cybertruck, the leaked images taken from the driver’s seat show that Tesla has combined their earlier yoke driving wheel with a traditional rounded wheel design to help drivers easily adapt. The steer also appears to feature only a number of force touch buttons and has bo stalks.


Earlier exterior leaks of the trucks got people worried about the interior having a more-than-normal dashboard. The unconventional exterior design of the Cybertruck seemed to feature a longer front which seemed a bit far from the driver’s sitting position.

And truly, the leaked images show that drivers would have to cope with this dashboard, which some people already see as more of a dining table than a useful driver’s dashboard. It is long, flat, hosts no features, and looks a bit like an unfinished design from Tesla.

Not only that, each side of the dash has big A-pillars, which could combine with the frames of the doors to cause a bit of visibility issues for drivers. The long dashboard could also be a worry when users will want to clean the interior glass windshield as it will be difficult to reach the bottom half of the glass.

Another striking feature from the pictures is the convertible middle seat idea which seems quite abandoned.


Tesla had originally planned to include a centre console that could be changed into a centre seat. That appears not to be happening, probably because it’s another impractical idea or because of the positioning of the seats.

The Cybertruck features two front seats; a driver’s seat and one for a passenger. The back has a comfortable lounge-like seat that can host three people. Although both front and back seats are well positioned to have enough leg room for seaters, there appears to be a limited amount of space in between the driver’s seat and that of the other front passenger’s seat.

This space is where the centre console is situated. Turning it into a seat for an extra passenger might cause a bit of discomfort for the front seaters. The omission could also be a result of safety concerns. Another possible area of discomfort is the infotainment system, especially for newbies. Let’s look at the infotainment system of the Cybertruck.

Infotainment Screen

Model S, Model X, Model Y, and all other Teslas have one thing in common; they have most of their control systems fixed in their infotainment boards. This appears to be doing the magic, and most Tesla users find it pleasing; a reason why Tesla will be repeating it in the Cybertruck.

As already mentioned, the Cybertruck will feature a few force touch buttons for navigation as there wouldn’t be any instruments clustered behind the steering wheel. The rest of the car’s controls are placed on the infotainment screen as part of Tesla’s unique car features.

Although this makes the steering area look clean and simple to use while offering financial benefits, relegating the whole control and driving information solely to the infotainment board for questions of its practicality and efficiency, especially for new Tesla drivers who are yet to adapt.

Do you think controlling the Cybertruck from the infotainment system is a good idea from Tesla? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


Overall, the Tesla Cyber Truck has an impressive interior design and improved features, especially with the steering wheel. As unique and innovative as it is, it still has a bit of traditional features which will be very useful for drivers.

However, its number of seats limits the initial six-seater plan to only five. Although it might make the Cybertruckb a little bit inefficient compared to the seating capacity of other trucks such as the Ford F-150, Tesla is believed to have abandoned the initial convertible centre console due to seating arrangement and, more importantly, safety reasons.

The dashboard is another downside of the Cybertruck’s interior, but at least the no-instrument-cluster behind the steering feature makes up for it. Lastly, the infotainment system isn’t a bad idea anyway, just that putting everything of the car control system into it seems a bit forced.

Tesla is still being developed anyway, so there is a possibility we might have some changes in the final product. The Tesla Cybertruck is yet to get into production, but according to Elon Musk, that wouldn’t be far from now.

He states that “we’re working hard to get Cybertruck into production! This was a tough product to design & even tougher to build. But it will be great”.

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