Tesla Cybertruck: These 13 Amazing Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Tesla Cybertruck: These 13 Amazing Facts Will Blow Your Mind: Tesla’s anticipated Cybertruck in space has finally poked its sharp beak through the shelter it’s hiding under, and it’s a pickup truck like no other. In fact, the Tesla truck emerges not only to have a broken cover but to teleport from a different solar system altogether.

However, once you get past the primary visual effect of Cybertruck—is it a UFO? A mutant gate? Children’s vehicle design?—Various light-year-worth features remain that confuse and delight. So to make you more transparent about Cybertruck, here we have 13 Cybertruck facts you definitely didn’t know about!

1. The Design Was Inspired By The Movies

A 1976 Lotus Esprit that was used as a James Bond movie prop trapped in storage space, and now belongs to Elon Musk, as an inspiration for the futuristic, angular design for Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck had worked.

The wedge-shaped coupe, which employed underwater scenes and was equipped with wings in place of its wheels, sold to Musk for a record $997,000.

Hours before revealing the pickup, Musk tweeted, “Cybertruck design partially influenced by The Spy Who Loved Me.” The firm further revealed that the truck will be under construction by 2021.

2. It’s Bulletproof

Type If you want more proof that the truck aims to banish a dystopian, semi-chaotic future, look no further than its “bulletproof” surface.

The truck’s exoskeleton is constructed from 30x cold-rolled stainless steel and is meant to withstand 9mm ammunition, which is often used in handguns and machine guns.

Musk illustrated the power of the exoskeleton by design director Franz von Holzhausen by beating the side of the Cybertruck with a sledgehammer. He was sarcastic about actually shooting it on stage but then declined, mentioning it was in OSHA and the state of California.

The reality is that the truck is not completely bulletproof. While it may be able to withstand 9mm ammunition, it has larger weapons loads that can strike a hole in its side.

Of course, all this raises an important question: who would need such a bulletproof truck? Generally, there are two types of people who need bulletproof trucks: 1. First in the security industry, such as the military, police, or secret service 2. Second, those who are involved in nefarious activities.

Most of the common people have no demand for bulletproof vehicles. Maybe Musk knows something about tomorrow that we don’t know.

3. The Truck Beat a Ford F150 and a Porsche

During a presentation, Musk took shots at both Ford and Porsche, challenging that the Cybertruck was better than both. First, they featured a Cybertruck and a Ford F150 in a tug of war.

The Cybertruck clearly beats the F150, even if it’s pulling upwards. He then recorded a video of the Cybertruck going head-to-head in a tow race against a Porsche 911.

Even if the Porsche got off to a good start, Cybertruck quickly overtakes it, demonstrating the speed at which it can go.

Responding to this, Sandeep Madra, the vice president of Ford’s experimental division, Ford X, tweeted to Musk, “Send us a Cybertruck and we’ll test it apples-to-apples for you.” Musk then replied to the tweet, “Turn it on.”

4. 250,000 Cybertrucks Pre-Ordered

Well, they’re not exactly pre-orders. More closed like a reservation. Texas is allowing consumers to “pre-order” the Cybertruck for just $100, with a final price of $39,900, $49,900, or $69,900.

According to Musk, Tesla has welcomed more than 250,000 pre-orders for the truck without paying any advertising or implementing endorsements. Of course, that doesn’t mean Tesla actually marketed that many trucks.

When it comes time to pay in full, we should drop some of those pre-orders. Who knows how many Cybertrucks were pre-ordered by Musk fans who really don’t have forty grand to lose on a truck?

5. It’s a Pretty Fancy Bed

A truck is void without its bed, and Tesla’s Cybertruck has an impressive one. Tesla named it the Vault, a soft trick that almost undoes the innate coolness of the bed.

Anyway, the Cybertruck’s bed is decorated in the same stainless steel as the rest of the material and measures 6.5 feet in length. It doesn’t have any interference from the wheel wells, so it’s neat rectangular dimensions.

Horizontal accessory rails are placed under diagonal sail panels extending from the tailgate to the tip of the roof, and Tesla guarantees those panels will feature their own storage slots as well.

Open the tailgate, and you’ll discover a slide-out loading incline that allows wheeled things to fold into the bed. Both 120- and 220-volt charging sockets, as well as an air compressor, are fixed.

Oh, and the entire bed can be affixed by an integrated roll-up, garage-door-style Tonneau Shield, which is also said to improve aerodynamic capability.

6. The Truck has a Built-in Light Bar

There will be no need to replace the Cybertruck with a flotilla of auxiliary lights like an old Jeep for more selective visibility after dark or on off-road paths away from the illumination of streetlamps.

Rounding out the extension of the front end of the truck, apart from the LED mono-headlight, is a second accessory light bar mounted at the top of the windshield.

The mix of that lamp and headlight bar is very refreshing and follows the Cybertruck‘s hard edges flawlessly.

7. Cybertruck will be equipped with a Transparent Roof and Digital Mirror

The Cybertruck has a roof made of Sheer Armor glass. On any other vehicle, it would be quoted as an illustrated sunroof.

But because we’re discussing the bonkers Tesla truck here, consider it as a fancy viewing portal to watch Space X rockets explode into the sky from the interior of the cab.

The Cybertruck’s shape is, um, unique, and we have questions about how its massive rear sill panels and expanding windshield support might affect a driver’s outside visibility.

At the rear, in particular, those thick sail panels suggest you might be forgetting to check your blind spots clear. Also, what happens when Cybertruck’s rolled-up tonnage roof is expanded? Goodbye, whatever the narrow rear visibility was, to begin with.

Tesla’s workaround appears to be a digital, camera-based rearview mirror setup similar to some of the vehicles already on the road, with the live feed from beyond the truck radiating to a rearview-mirror-sized screen.

8. Halo-Inspired Design

Cybertruck looks oddly like The Warhog Automobile from the Halo franchise. When Tesla CEO Elon Musk was interviewed, he replied that the truck was definitely inspired by games like Halo.

However, he specifically said that he was inspired by the Lotus Spirit used in The Spy Who Loved Me we mentioned earlier. That said, the truck isn’t complete yet, including its lost windshield wipers, side mirrors, and shields.

So the build version is obviously not going to look exactly like it was shown on stage.

9. Power Test: EV vs Petrol

A solid traditional tow-off monster truck is a matter of fan imaginations. This was no classic gladiator competition, however.

If you watched the video, you saw that Cybertruck was effectively taking the F-150 away. As if Cybertruck was a father and the F-150 was a kid who was angry; The tires are screaming and smoking in despair.

Ford has asked for a rematch, and there are some arguments as to why it is not relevant.

10. It’s Ugly on Purpose

Do you try to challenge Lamborghini’s design? Do you copy Porsche’s designs? Or do you just make a truck that resembles every other truck in the world?

Tesla is known for doing extraordinary things, so it didn’t do any of that, which is obviously refreshing. They deliberately made this truck look absurd to make it look different.

So if you’re looking to buy a Cyber ​​Truck, get ready to keep your eyes on you every time you hit the road!

11. The Cybertruck is Made of Rocket Stainless Steel

The exterior of the Cybertruck is made of the same steel that was used in the SpaceX Starship spaceship.

Aside from the safety and cool factor, this matters because you can certainly expect that as Tesla finds ways to reduce the cost of mass production and other materials, they’ll absolutely incorporate them.

Although SpaceX and Tesla are mutually exclusive, they can usually benefit from specific technologies and methods, primarily because SpaceX does not file patents and Tesla’s patents are publicized.

12. The Price

The base model of the Tesla truck will cost around $39,900, which is $10,000 more than the base model Ford F-150. The top-end variant with tri-motor AWD is expected to start at $69,900.

The real question here is, how can Tesla get the Cybertruck for an EV vehicle so affordable? One of the most valuable things about building cars is the casting and imprinting of the metal.

Cybertruck avoids this by using sheets of metal. That’s why Tesla Cybertruck is cheaper than other EVs in the industry!

13. Tesla’s Most Destructive Vehicle

When you look at pickup truck design, not much has evolved over the years. Go ahead and take a look at the truck brands and designs you want from 1999, 2003, and 2010.

Cybertruck design, be it EV, trunk area, area, elements, just about everything is unconventional. Whether you buy it or not, it’s going to create a lot of new competition, which is a great thing for the automobile business.


The Cybertruck is popular for its classical design of hood-roof-trunk and carves its own design trail, with a remarkable triangular shape like none of us have ever seen before.

It feels like an alien on the road at every stage of its design, and more importantly, it doesn’t rely on a large wing or ill-fated aerodynamics to do so. Unlike any other car in the business, its shape is unusual, different, and compelling, all of which look very similar.

It’s a design that seems to anyone who has their eye on it, as any truly good design should be, and while some may see it as appalling, I believe we should Its unique features must be admired, because in the car industry, not enough automobiles are new and offbeat.


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