Tesla driver sleeping shows irresponsibility persists with autonomy

A Tesla Model Y with a sleeping driver was recently spotted on the I-15 freeway near Temecula, California, proving that there is still a huge misconception among people and the media about the capabilities of semi-autonomous vehicles.

According to a report from KTLA 5, a woman in a Tesla Model Y was followed for more than fifteen minutes on a California interstate by another driver who tried to wake her up, taking advantage of the automaker’s semi-autonomous driving functions.

The report and incident prove that there are still major misconceptions about the capabilities of semi-autonomous driving suites, which include Tesla’s full self-driving and Autopilot, which require users to be alert and ready to take over the vehicle at any moment.

Drivers often use semi-autonomous vehicle functionalities irresponsibly, and social media has proven time and time again that people take advantage of capabilities even when they are not fully autonomous.

It’s no secret that people and companies have used whatever they can to absolve themselves of the responsibility of paying attention while the car handles certain tasks on its own.

With the introduction of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) over the past several years, drivers have taken advantage of tasks such as playing, reading books, eating, or even sleeping on their phones.

However, the risks that come with this behavior are potentially devastating.

For one, people who use these functions irresponsibly put themselves and every other driver on the road at risk if the vehicle needs assistance or is faced with a situation where It will not react safely, so the driver is responsible for handling it.

Additionally, if an accident occurs, it may be framed as the fault of Tesla, or another manufacturer, depending on the vehicle used, and such instances may cause suspicion for semi-autonomous and autonomous driving. can determine the future.

There is the possibility that the driver had some kind of medical emergency or accidentally fell asleep, in which case Tesla’s functionality kept the operator and others safe.

Police said the driver was apprehended two minutes after receiving the call about the accident and that the driver was alert at this time.

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