What Elon Musk Said About Instagram Users Is Really Shocking

Elon Musk has recently taken aim at Instagram, criticizing the platform for allowing anyone to sign up without much restriction. In a tweet, the billionaire sarcastically suggested that Instagram should remove its supposed “100 IQ maximum limit” for creating an account, implying that the platform’s users have a low IQ level.

While there is no such limit on Instagram, Musk’s comments have sparked controversy and raised questions about his opinions on social media users.

IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a standard score used to measure a person’s mental ability in relation to others in their age group. However, it is important to note that IQ tests are not universally accepted as the sole determinant of intelligence, as factors such as knowledge, experience, and skill sets can also contribute to one’s overall intelligence.

A score below 100 is generally considered below average, while a score of 130 or higher is often regarded as indicating high intelligence. Elon Musk did not provide a specific reason for his assertion that Instagram users have a low IQ level, but it is possible that he based his opinion on negative or questionable content he has observed on the platform.

Instagram is a social media app that allows users to create a free account and share photos and videos publicly or privately. The platform is open, which means that anyone can become a content creator or post something without spending any money.

However, in order to earn money from Instagram, users often need to create a business account and cultivate a large following. This can involve a variety of tactics, such as posting high-quality content, engaging with followers, and using relevant hashtags.

Many people use Instagram to showcase their interests, promote their businesses, or simply share their lives with others. The platform has become a popular way for individuals and companies to connect with audiences and build their brands.

However, as with any social media platform, there are also concerns about privacy, online harassment, and the spread of misinformation. Despite these challenges, Instagram continues to be a significant force in the world of social media and a popular platform for millions of users around the globe.

After Elon Musk’s controversial tweet about Instagram users having a low IQ level, one of his followers fired back by suggesting that he should introduce an IQ limit feature for Twitter as well.

While Musk has yet to respond to this comment, he has made waves on Twitter recently by announcing that users must now pay for the coveted blue verification mark. Musk stated that users will lose their verification badge if they fail to pay for it.

To earn the verification mark, Twitter users must now purchase a Twitter Blue subscription, which also grants access to exclusive features such as an undo tweet button and a customizable app icon.

However, many Twitter users have criticized Musk for charging a high price for a small badge, and have declined to pay for the subscription. Some argue that the verification mark should be earned based on merit rather than financial means.

Musk’s recent actions on social media have sparked debate and raised questions about the ethics of charging for features and privileges on a platform that is meant to be open and accessible to all. The future of social media and the role of influential figures like Musk in shaping these platforms remain uncertain.

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