Elon Musk is selling Tesla beers called ‘GigaBier’ for more than $30, Here’s Why

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has launched a new product for the company’s fans – Tesla-branded beers that are brewed in Germany and retail at a price of over $30 per bottle.

The beer, named “GigaBier,” is inspired by Tesla’s upcoming electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck. The glossy black bottles with sharp edges are designed to resemble the Cybertruck’s distinctive shape.

The GigaBier was initially unveiled in October 2021 to celebrate the opening of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, which is a vital component of the automaker’s European expansion plans.

Despite some delays due to permit issues and environmental activism, the factory finally delivered its first 30 vehicles in March 2022.

Despite these challenges, Musk has decided to tap into Tesla’s loyal fanbase by offering the unique product, which is sold in packs of three.

According to Tesla, the GigaBier adheres to the 500-year-old German Reinheitsgebot purity law governing beer production and is made with a unique strain of Cyberhops.

The beer is exclusively available in Europe and retails for €89 or £79, approximately $98. The bottles are 330ml or 11oz, which is slightly smaller than the standard can size in the US.

For the price of one bottle of GigaBier, a consumer in the UK could purchase 70 cans of Peroni or 59 cans of Camden Hells, which are both Pilsner-style lagers with similar alcohol content.

This marks Tesla’s second venture into the alcoholic beverage industry. In 2020, the company launched Tesla Tequila, which came in a lightning-shaped bottle and retailed for $250. It was very popular, and a second release was made available.

According to a previous report by Insider, Tesla’s first alcoholic offering, Tesla Tequila, was produced by a California-based company that sold a similar product for $45, albeit aged for four fewer months.

Despite stating that he doesn’t enjoy the taste or effects of most alcoholic beverages, Musk has expressed admiration for red wine and whiskey. In December 2022, he was spotted drinking red wine at the World Cup final in Qatar and tweeted in 2017, “A little red wine, vintage record, some Ambien… and magic!”

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