Will Elon Musk’s X require a govt ID and selfie to verify users? This what report suggests:-

Elon Musk’s company, referred to as “X” in the report, is in the process of developing identity verification features to tackle issues related to impersonation. This new system will require users to provide their government-issued identification and take a selfie using their device’s uncovered camera. The process, which typically takes around five minutes to complete, involves collaboration with a third-party company called Au10tix.

Users will be required to upload a digital copy of their government ID and take a selfie as part of the identity verification process. This information comes from an independent app researcher named Nima Owji, who has provided insights into how identity verification will work on the platform owned by Elon Musk. A notable aspect of this verification process is the necessity of using a functional, uncovered camera on the user’s device.

Based on a shared screenshot provided by Owji, it appears that the entire ID verification procedure will last approximately five minutes. Additionally, there is an option for users to conceal the verification badge, potentially offering some degree of privacy in their online interactions. This report also suggests that there is a partnership between Musk’s company and the Israeli firm Au10tix to implement this identity verification functionality.

It’s important to note that X intends to retain user ID images and biometric data on its servers for a maximum period of 30 days. This data will primarily be used for safety and security purposes, particularly to prevent impersonation. Additionally, this information will be shared with Au10tix to verify the identities of users, further enhancing the platform’s security measures.

However, alongside this development, there has been an unrelated issue on the Elon Musk-led social media platform. A glitch has resulted in the disappearance of photos and other media that were posted prior to 2014. Some users on X have expressed frustration, suggesting that this glitch might be a cost-cutting measure implemented by Elon Musk’s company.

According to a report from The Verge, this glitch seems to be affecting posts made before December 2014, particularly those with attached photos and hyperlinks that were converted using the platform’s built-in URL shortener. Notably, even one of the most famous tweets on the social media platform, which was posted by 2014 Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres, has been affected.

This tweet featured a selfie with prominent celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, and others. In the tweet, Ellen humorously remarked about the length of Bradley Cooper’s arm, making it a memorable and widely shared image on the platform.

Overall, Elon Musk’s company, X, is working on implementing identity verification features that involve uploading government IDs and taking selfies with uncovered cameras. This process is expected to take around five minutes and is being developed in partnership with Au10tix.

User data will be retained for 30 days for security purposes. Concurrently, the platform has experienced a glitch that has affected media posted prior to December 2014, including a famous tweet by Ellen DeGeneres. The cause of this glitch and its connection to cost-cutting measures remains a subject of speculation among users.

The glitch on Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, which has led to the disappearance of photos and media posted before December 2014, has raised several questions and concerns among its users. While there’s no official confirmation about the root cause of this issue, it has sparked speculation about the motivations behind it, with some users suggesting that it might be part of cost-cutting measures implemented by Musk’s company.

One possible explanation for the glitch affecting content posted before 2014 could be related to changes in the platform’s architecture or database structure over time. Social media platforms often evolve and update their systems to accommodate growing user bases and changing technologies. These updates can sometimes lead to unintended consequences, such as data corruption or loss, particularly in older data.

The glitch appears to specifically target posts with attached photos and hyperlinks that were converted using the platform’s built-in URL shortener. This suggests that there may be an issue with the way these older posts were stored or indexed in the platform’s database. It’s worth noting that maintaining large amounts of data, especially media content, can be resource-intensive and costly. Social media companies often face the challenge of balancing data storage costs with user experience.

Some users have expressed frustration over the glitch, especially those who had cherished memories and content shared on the platform prior to 2014. These older posts might include personal photos, important life events, and historical moments in the platform’s history. The disappearance of such content has understandably left some users disappointed.

Regarding Elon Musk’s company’s efforts to implement identity verification features, this move aligns with broader trends in online security and safety. Impersonation and online fraud are significant concerns on social media platforms, and identity verification can help mitigate these issues. By requiring users to provide government-issued identification and take a selfie, the platform aims to enhance security and ensure that users are who they claim to be.

The collaboration with Au10tix, an Israeli firm specializing in identity verification technology, further underscores the platform’s commitment to robust identity verification. By retaining user ID images and biometric data for a limited period of 30 days, the platform can better address issues related to impersonation and fraudulent accounts. This data can serve as a valuable resource for investigating suspicious activities and maintaining a safer online environment for users.

However, as with any data-related feature on a social media platform, concerns about user privacy and data security are important. Users will likely want reassurances that their personal information will be handled responsibly and securely. Musk’s company will need to provide transparent information about how this data will be used, protected, and shared with third parties like Au10tix to build trust among its user base.

In conclusion, the glitch affecting older content on Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, remains a source of frustration and curiosity among users. While the cause of the glitch is uncertain, it is plausible that it may be related to updates or changes in the platform’s infrastructure over time.

Simultaneously, the platform’s efforts to implement robust identity verification features in collaboration with Au10tix demonstrate its commitment to enhancing security and combating impersonation, aligning with broader trends in online safety and security. Balancing these security measures with user privacy and data protection will be a crucial aspect of the platform’s continued development and success.

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