“You’re Next, Facebook”: Elon Musk is going to buy Facebook

Elon Musk, a wealthy businessman and founder of Tesla, is undeniably in the limelight at the moment.

His aggressive takeover of Twitter has been the subject of attention from nearly every significant American media outlet.

Musk raised the topic to a whole new level this morning, with a casual comment from his most recent appearance on the right-leaning news and debate show Rumble, hosted by conservative Sandy Bait.

To put it another way: “Are you going to surprise us and buy something else completely to drive you into the ground?” At that moment the fully excited Bat inquired of his guest.

He said, “Yeah, I have been poking around a few other firms that appear to be doing well. “Dominion. MyPillow has a partner. Facebook, of course. Zuckerberg, it’s your turn now! I’ll let all of you go!

After taking over Twitter, Billionaire Elon Musk’s first move was to dismiss a large number of employees, a move widely regarded as disastrous by experts in the field since it leaves the company with no one to operate it.

Additionally, Elon Musk set a blue checkmark’s price at $19.99, but after receiving criticism from renowned novelist Steven King, he reduced it to $8.00.

Both the $8.00 and Twitter’s future are already relics of the past.

Soon enough, we may all be shelling out $12.95 a month to snoop on our loved ones and harass Kid Rock’s horrible followers. What an amazing thought!

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