Bill Gates has a warning about Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover

Bill Gates has a warning about Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover: Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has expressed doubts about Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Elon Musk has vowed to make Twitter a free-speech haven, leaving questions about how the social network addresses misinformation and hate speech.

The Microsoft co-founder asked what Musk thought about misinformation related to COVID-19 vaccines.

The Microsoft co-founder acknowledged that Musk’s track record among other companies is impressive, describing his time at the helm of Tesla and SpaceX as “mind-blowing.” Gates said he believes Musk has done a good job of putting together a great team of engineers at those companies.

“I kind of doubt that will happen this time, but we should have an open mind and never underestimate Elon,” he said.

“How does he feel about something that says vaccines kill people, or you know, that Bill Gates is tracking people — is that one of the things he thinks should be spread?” he was quoted as saying by CNN at the Wall Street Journal CEO summit.

At the WSJ event, Gates was also asked about his leaked conversation with Musk, in which he accused him of shorting Tesla.

“Sorry, but I cannot take your philanthropy on climate change seriously when you have a massive short position against Tesla, the company doing the most to solve climate change,” Musk had told Gates.

Responding to the controversy at the WSJ event, Gates said: “I don’t think whether one’s short or long Tesla is a statement about your seriousness about climate change”.

Gates, whom Musk has replaced as the world’s richest man in recent years, questioned what Musk’s goal is with Twitter and whether his campaign to promote free speech is sensible.

Over the past few weeks, Musk has indicated a number of ways he could look to improve Twitter beyond promoting free speech. For example, late Tuesday, he suggested he could start charging companies a “modest” fee for using the platform.


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24 thoughts on “Bill Gates has a warning about Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover”

  1. If anyone thinks that social media is a good thing for society and putting it’s immense power in the hands of a few wealthy, financially driven men is a a benefit for us watch the documentary, The Social Dilemma. It is frightening!

    • Gates is scared that free speech on Twitter will expose his vaccines do kill, that him fauci and the democratic party are in bed with the UN to establish a NWO and destroy America’s sovereignty!

    • Gates is pure evil. He has a driven agenda all his own. If you don’t believe me look up the Gates foundation and read what its prime directive is. This man must be stopped and he’ll never be the man Elon musk is.

  2. The fact that none of them give a damn about you, me or whatever anyone else is doing. This is beyond everyone’s understanding. So what! The only thing that was proven is that, they don’t like each other.

  3. My advice is, if you’re not a Trump supporter who needs the lies, fake news and phony conspiracy theories cycling in a giant echo chamber so you can convince yourselves that all the crap you want to believe MUST be true because so many people are saying it……….then please dump Tweeter and let the mindless cult members have it! I absolutely guarantee you’re never going to change any of their minds by arguing with them, no matter how many facts or irrefutable evidence you put in front of them, so why bother. If all Musk has is Trump supporters on Twitter, he’ll lose his ass and eventually sell out to someone who might actually care if the crap being put out on the site is actually reflecting reality!

  4. “Hate speech?” If they don’t like your politics they simply label it “Hate speech” and ban you! They wore out “Racist” so they had to find something new!

  5. Never forget who Bill Gate was/is. The cutthroat owner of Microsoft, who stopped at NOTHING to ruin his competitors. When he lost the antitrust suit against him in 2000 and was legally forces to relinquish billions of $ in company stock, he immediately began investigating in pharmaceuticals. Before the pandemic, Bill Gates was the face-of Moderna on their website. His image has since been removed. Bill Gates cares only about Bill Gates, money and power. He is an outspoken eugenocist, and thinks nothing of using humans as lab rats. He’s proven this in India with his “live polio” vaccine and now globally with Covid-19. And his latest gig is requesting MILLIONS of dollars to develope a new smallpox vaccine. What is wrong with the vaccine that was successfully uses until 1979? Hew evil incarnate hiding behind a philanthropic smile. He doesn’t want people having open discussions, especially if they get people to thinking he’s not what he pretends to be.

  6. Bill get a haircut by professional, then a facial, some sun, and some new unwrinkled stylish clothing first. Then get away from these buffoons you hang out with and maybe you will look happy for a change. Perhaps a new supermodel girlfriend would go far in changing your attitude.

  7. “Gates, whom Musk has replaced as the world’s richest man in recent years, questioned what Musk’s goal is with Twitter and whether his campaign to promote free speech is sensible.”


    Bill, are you suggesting that Free Speech is NOT ‘sensible’?

    Yeah, I understand that lots of people want to eliminate ‘bad words’ from all conversation, spoken or written, but considering the uneven-handed ways that Twitter and FB have deplatformed and silenced users based on the obvious fact that their speech doesn’t agree with their Founders’ views sounds like a pretty clear reason why such changes should be welcomed, not feared.

    Both platforms (and their users) have become victims of rant from ignorant fake news purveyors, bots driven by countries’ regimes opposed to OUR freedoms, and more. Trying to eliminate, or just throttle the junk is, I’d say, a very worthwhile goal.

    Even “charging users a little” is something that might appeal to me, too. For $10 or so per year, I’d be willing to pay that for access, an account that’s verifiable and the chances that it might eliminate tons of ‘free subscribes’ who pollute social media with lies and other misleading “facts”.

    Especially if it helps lose the plethora of click-bait “you won’t Believe What…!” crap ads that permeate FB and other platforms. Musk could make boatloads of money from millions of users at $10-20 per year per subscriber, and hopefully that would drown the “advertisers” who try to lead you to a video that “in the next few minutes….” do nothing but waste your time sucking you into a non-free publication or subscription which won’t even deliver on the original promise of the click-bait ad.

    And Bill, WHYtf ARE you buying so much US agricultural lands close to military bases??? What, pray tell, are YOU trying to Monopolize next? Our food supply? Will Corn 1.0 need an upgrade to Corn 2.0 in a year, or Wheat 1.0? Maybe Soybeans 3.0 will be the First Really Usable Version??

    What are YOU not telling US?

  8. Musk is not killing people with a weaponized virus and vaccine (which Bill Melinda Gates are HIGHLY invested stockholders in with the Fauci’s and others,) funded by our government Barack Obama in 201. Calling facts misinformation and covering up his crimes against humanity, ask Africa, India and Haiti. Gates and Fauci were paid to create the virus and the vaccine; paid twice with our hard earned taxpayers money. Covering up the death of these killer weaponized vaccines and viruses. keeping releasing variations of the viruses until 95% Depopulation Coalition people are killed. FEMA has over 96 Million caskets at FEMA camps around USA to burying folks 6 people down. Wake up people!!!!

  9. I think they are spreading misinformation. They want us to believe that their information is the only truth. So according to them, all other information is misinformation. I personally believe that the vaccine is not necessary. There are plenty of meds that can help cure covid.

  10. Why has Gates since maturing seemingly lost contact with the real world? Been looking at his money and figured only he has the right opinion?
    Well it’s got him divorced – and disliked by an awful lot of people.

  11. Bill Gates is brilliant. BG is and always has been for BG and no one else! Thank you Elon Musk for all your brilliant contributions to society. It is NOT an overstatement that Mr. Musk May deserve the credit for single-handedly saving Democracy in the world. It is not yet known, if indeed, Democracy has in fact been saved!

    • Very well said.
      I admit Gates in brilliant, but I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

      The more I hear and see of Elon Musk, the more I like him. He takes risks with HIS OWN money, and he looks at the big picture. I’m sure he’ll make money off Twitter, and why shouldn’t he?
      The important thing is he will provide a space where people can express their opinions freely and honestly, without being censored.

      Thanks Elon.

  12. Why should we believe Mr Gates , if he has all the answers for everything we all should be living so peacefully. The fact is the world is made up of so many different view points that since we are humans someone believes all is good and some believe all is bad . Elon is making positive steps toward a better society and he will accomplish much but he won’t have all the correct ideas but he is only human . Bill Gates is human and he doesn’t have all the answers because if he did by now our world would be perfect .


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