Elon Musk Completely exposes Adam Schiff on Twitter

Twitter CEO Elon Musk insulted the intelligence of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) in a now-deleted tweet after the lawmaker accused Musk of engaging in hypocrisy on free speech issues on the platform following the suspension of several reporters. was done after

Schiff, the outgoing chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted, “Elon Musk calls himself a free speech autocrat to justify turning a blind eye to hate and bigotry on Twitter. But when journalists report adverse news, they are fired without warning.” is banned.”

Schiff concluded, “The devotion to free speech is clearly not absolute. But the hypocrisy is.” This prompted Musk to respond, “Thankfully, you lose your presidency very soon. Your brain is too small.” Musk later deleted the tweet.

Twitter suspended the accounts of several journalists in recent days who shared information about Musk’s location, particularly his private jet, after the incident involving one of the billionaire’s children stalking him.

Musk explained in a tweet that, “real-time posting of someone else’s location violates the doxing policy, but delayed posting of locations is OK.”

Twitter’s CEO later conducted a poll of users asking them to weigh in on the controversy and whether journalists who posted such information should be suspended.

59% of respondents voted to stop allowing suspended journalists to return “right now”, while the remaining 41% of respondents preferred a 7-day suspension.

After voting ended on Friday night, Musk tweeted that the suspended reporters would be allowed to return, adding, “The people have spoken. The suspension of the accounts doxing my location will now be lifted.”

This isn’t the first spat between Schiff and Musk.

The group of investors led by Musk bought Twitter and took it private, Schiff alleged in a tweet, “On Elon Musk’s Twitter: – Slurs against black people have tripled – Slurs against women 33 % – slurs against Jewish people are up 61% – and slurs against gay men are up 58%”.

Musk responded, “The effects of false, hate speech are actually ⅓ less for Twitter now versus before the acquisition.”

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