Elon Musk was right: I lost my kid to trans activists and schools are to blame

Right before the onset of the pandemic, Josie faced a significant revelation when her teenage son revealed that he identified as transgender. This revelation came at a time when her son, who also struggled with ADHD, was already facing social difficulties and had been removed from the baseball team.

The subsequent lockdown measures imposed due to the pandemic further exacerbated her son’s mental health issues. Josie, who prefers to use a pseudonym to safeguard her son’s privacy, described the situation as a “perfect storm” that struck all at once.

According to Josie, her son underwent a transformation into a fervent advocate for social justice. He expressed his desire to support women and avoid conforming to societal stereotypes of a negative male figure. His intention was to protect women by transitioning into one, although Josie perceived this reasoning as naive.

At the time of the conversation, her son had recently turned 18 and was scheduled to take a gap year before applying to college. However, he chose to leave home approximately six weeks ago, and he has not been communicating with his parents since.

In a separate incident, Elon Musk, entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, shared his own experience of being estranged from his transgender daughter, Vivian Jenna Wilson, who is 18 years old. Musk attributed their fractured relationship to what he referred to as “neo-Marxists” present in prestigious educational institutions.

Josie emphasized the fact that Elon Musk’s experience demonstrates that nobody is beyond the reach of such situations, regardless of their wealth. Having money does not guarantee the ability to protect one’s children.

Initially, like many teenagers struggling with a sense of belonging, Josie’s son sought solace on the internet. He came to the conclusion that he was a girl and believed that transitioning would resolve his problems. This belief was reinforced by his public high school located in an affluent town in Southern California.

According to Josie, the school strongly supported her son’s gender transition and even changed his name without informing her or her husband. However, there was one specific teacher who played a significant role in fostering her son’s desire to change genders, despite his wavering on the decision. Josie discovered emails that the teacher had sent to her son, providing encouragement and sharing resources on how to transition without relying on the financial and medical support of his parents.

Josie explained that the teacher’s messages were concerning, as he suggested that transitioning and separating from his parents would be a challenging but ultimately rewarding path. She believes that this teacher effectively undermined her and her husband’s role as parents, comparing the situation to a cult where the first instruction is to sever ties with one’s parents.

Although Josie is unaware of her son’s current place of residence, she is certain that the teacher played a significant role in taking away their parental influence and creating an environment that resembled a cult.

osie has become an active member of an underground network consisting of parents who are advocating against medical interventions for children struggling with gender dysphoria. She is involved in running a Substack called “Parents With Inconvenient Truths About Trans,” which publishes testimonies from parents and detransitioners—individuals who have transitioned and later realized that it was a mistake, returning to their original identity.

These parents and detransitioners share concerns that gender-confused children are being influenced by societal pressures, including doctors, to pursue medical interventions such as puberty blockers and elective surgeries that involve breast removal or genital alteration. They worry that these young individuals may be causing irreversible harm to themselves.

Over the past year, there has been a significant increase in support groups for parents and detransitioners, and some European countries, including the UK, have begun to change their approach. The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has imposed stricter regulations on medical interventions for children.

The membership of the detransitioners Reddit group has also surged to over 40,000 members. Josie expressed frustration that despite this significant number, their concerns are not receiving adequate attention, calling it a “medical scandal.” She emphasized that this issue transcends political affiliations, as the parents she encounters going through similar experiences are not exclusively right-wing but come from various backgrounds, including Democrats.

Regarding her own son, Josie remains hopeful that their relationship can be repaired. She believes it is distressing to tell a child that they must alter their body to find happiness, and she reflects that if she had encountered this situation a decade earlier, it might not have unfolded as it did. Her ultimate desire is for her son to lead a fulfilling life.

Information Source: NYPost

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