Jack White Slams Elon Musk Over Donald Trump’s Twitter Comeback

Jack White slams Elon Musk over Donald Trump’s Twitter comeback:- Jack White is the latest artist to quit Twitter in reaction to new owner Elon Musk’s policy decisions, calling the reinstatement of Donald Trump’s account the last straw.

White and Musk were once close, with White describing the Tesla founder as “the Henry Ford of the 21st century”.

White reacted angrily, however, to Trump’s ban after Musk polled Twitter followers on whether the longstanding ban on the former president should be lifted.

“So you gave Trump his Twitter platform back. Disgusting, Elon,” White posted on Instagram. “It’s officially an ass move. Why don’t you be real? Put it this way: You come in a ton of money, see the tax bill, hate paying your fair share, and then move to Texas.

And supporting whatever Republicans you can helps you keep more of your money. How else could Trump possibly interest you?

“You intend to give a platform to known liars and wash your hands like Pontius Pilate and take no responsibility?” White added.

“Trump was removed from Twitter because he incited violence too many times, people were killed and injured as a result of his lies and his arrogance – what his coup d’état did to attempt to destroy democracy and our Capitol.

“And how freaked out by his rhetoric about division and families and what it did for this country? It’s not ‘free speech’ or ‘what the polling decides’ or whatever nonsense you’re claiming, White, says. “It’s straight up that you’re trying to help deliver a fascist platform.

Doing it so you can finally get your tax breaks. I mean, how many more billions do you need that you have to risk democracy itself to get it?”

He acknowledged that Musk had “done a lot of amazing things with Tesla,” acknowledging that “I backed the hell out of that venture.”

But White says Musk has now “gone too far” and is using his power to “promote horrific, violence-inducing lies”. Finally, he thinks the move could jeopardize the very democracy that made Musk “prosperous and successful in the first place.”

White states that he “believes in free speech, but for example, I’m not going to let the KKK rally on the performance stage of our record label … and if I have a gas station, I’ll sell KKK gasoline.” Cross either, and then wash your hands as if I didn’t help promote hate.

Speaking directly to Musk, White concluded: “You’ve taken on a huge responsibility with your purchase, and ‘free speech is not some umbrella that protects you from that.”


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