Old Video Of Elon Musk Showing Of His Sword Skills Goes Viral

A 2012 video of billionaire Elon Musk has surfaced on the Internet. In the footage, the Tesla CEO can be seen waving a sword over his shoulders.

He says, “You could really stab somebody with this thing,”. “I’m trying to make it swoosh without killing anyone.”

Forbes shot the video in March 2012 for its April 2012 edition. In the video, a journalist can be seen holding a sheet of paper for target practice.

She asks Musk to cut the paper and avoid killing her. Instead, Musk pushed the paper out of his hands. However, he exacts revenge on a nearby potted plant, chopping off some leaves with the precision of a master engineer.

According to Forbes, the sword was part of the Heinlein Prize Trust award it won in 2011 for “achievements in commercial space activities”.

Named the Lady Vivamus sword in honor of Robert Heinlein’s novel Glory Road, a curved handle clad in black sting-ray leather and the precise balance in the well-crafted weapon are immediately visible.

Elon told Forbes that it was his favorite trophy.

The video was posted by Dogedesigner with the caption, “Elon Musk showing off his sword skills.”

The video has been viewed over 2 lakh times on Twitter with several comments. One user wrote, “Awwe he’s cute. Very adorable. I hope he never loses that part of his personality.”

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Information Source: NDTV

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