Twitter Vs Instagram: Elon Musk asks users to choose between them

Tech billionaire and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has asked users to choose between Instagram and Twitter on the parameter of betterment.

In the tweet, he described Instagram making people depressed and Twitter making them angry. Elon Musk posted this question on his official Twitter handle. His post has so far garnered over 27 million views, 248.1k likes and 93.2k comments.

A Twitter user named Wall Street Silver replied that Twitter didn’t offend him. He further added that it made him laugh all day and suggested unfollowing all politicians and media ‘reporters’.

Another user named Kyle Baker commented that Instagram sucks and Twitter is the best place for timely information.

TJ Mo commented that, “Twitter gives me news and keeps me informed. Instagram shows me pictures of people I don’t care about and now they’re trying to be Tik Tok. I’ll take Twitter.”

A Twitter user Sahil Bloom commented that Instagram was designed to make you wish you were someone else and called it a happiness trap.

He further said that Twitter has its own issues, but at least he didn’t do this. However, he lauded all the Instagram creators who were creating positive and encouraging content on the platform.

Meghan Basham said Instagram made people jealous and bankrupt trying to make their homes, wardrobes and holidays look like those pictures.

He said that Twitter (if done right) brought attention to civic, philosophical and even spiritual questions larger than materialism. Twitter was better.

Soumya Mukhopadhyay, commenting differently from the common narrative, wrote that LinkedIn depresses people, not Insta. Elon Musk posted a fire emoji on the comment.

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Information Source: ZeeNews

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