What If a Wormhole Formed Near the Earth?

What If a Wormhole Formed Near the Earth?: You have heard about Wormhole through Interstellar, Thor, and many more films. But the question arises as to how much is the truth there.

If you are a science student then you must have heard about the wormhole. In 1935, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen came up with the idea of ​​bridges in space-time that is called Wormhole. It looks like you’re holding on, because the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, or a Wormhole, is also a shortcut through space-time.

A wormhole is more like a tunnel that connects two different points in space-time. And if we were going to pass by it, we could come to a different galaxy, a different universe, or maybe 14th century India.

Problems With the Wormhole

If you found a way to keep the wormhole from falling on you. The trouble is that no one has ever seen a wormhole before. And we probably won’t be found any time soon.

The second problem is that if wormholes exist in our solar system, they are probably microscopic. Any wormhole that can accommodate human travel requires a mass of nuts. Think about it, the smallest black hole is believed to be the size of an atom, but with the mass of a mountain.

So while we can’t really calculate the mass of a wormhole that might fit some of us and a spacecraft, just know that it would be astronomical. And its gravitational pull will probably re-direct the inclination and rotation of all the planets in our solar system. But things will soon return to normal.

Stability of WormHole

Wormholes are incredibly unstable and quickly collapse. This is because the walls of it attract each other, which is why the wormhole will close shortly after opening… unless… you had some exotic matter. Do not get too excited, the exotic matter is negative energy. And this is the one you need to repel the gravitational forces trying to bring the gravitational forces together.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that such a case even exists in our universe. But if you are already ready to take a journey into the universe, then there is just one more thing you should know. The laws of physics say that but on the bright side, that rule has not yet been tested! So, stubborn-up space cowboys! Take a ride, prove their existence, and we will try to develop the necessary technology in your absence.

What if we travel through it?

But even though we can make it and travel through the wormhole, is it worth visiting another galaxy, Or go back in time? Read your history, read your science fiction, watch all the movies and play all the games you want; But let’s be glad that our solar system has its way.


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