NBC Cancels “Unstable” Alyssa Milano’s “Who’s The Boss” Reboot after Elon Musk’s Tesla lawsuit

Billionaire Elon Musk reacted as any responsible company owner would, following Alyssa Milano’s brief outburst against Tesla and her stunt with Volkswagen.

A defamation case was filed by him. After that, the actress went on a spree full of bigotry and lies, which eventually cost her her reputation and the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry.

While her lawyers battled Musk, she took to Twitter to complain that no one would cooperate with her. The billionaire cared less about Alyssa Milano’s “pocket change” net worth than he did about avenging the actress’ shamelessness.

Thank god Elon is not a monster for the middle-aged actor. Lead attorney Joe Barron said, “She can settle for a dollar and make a lovely apology. The litigation costs will consume half of what she’s worth. I believe she’s learned a lesson.”

Alyssa Milano’s troubles keep on piling up. She embarrassed herself in front of Elon Musk, received a stop-and-desist letter from Volkswagen, was sued by Elon Musk, and then watched in horror as her prized automobile caught fire in the affluent SoHo district.

The effects of all that bad luck have also been recognized. Milano’s revival of “Who’s the Boss” is unlikely, according to NBC talent director Joe Barone.

Even with Tony Danza mentoring him, Barron said, “He’s too unstable to be in command of such an important effort.” At least two seasons and 36 episodes were planned for the program.

It has not just been put on hold. We’re getting rid of it.

It is possible that a streaming provider will choose to carry the program. NBC’s Peacock Service claims no interest.

The focus of Milano’s performance was awakening. She wanted to portray a well-meaning single mother who left her husband after discovering that he was a lesbian.

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4 thoughts on “NBC Cancels “Unstable” Alyssa Milano’s “Who’s The Boss” Reboot after Elon Musk’s Tesla lawsuit”

  1. Although Elon likely does not share my Christian Perspective, AS one of those “extremists” who loves my Savior (Jesus Christ in case you wondered) more than ANYTHING, I cherish a BUNCH the effects of his honesty and the fact that he is obviously not a Lefty Robot.

    In this case, he has helped to strike a blow against Pop-Culture PC pertaining to Woke Sexual Perversity put forth by our Entertainment Industry as perfectly normal.

    Kudos AGAIN Elon and Buh-Bye Alyssa.

    Christian Dave – out.

    • Ya just gotta accept ELONS human & not politically correct. But in an even simpler way as a child might say , “he tells it as he sees it!” Must come from being around 10 children & explains the world in a way they would understand,


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