‘Not restricting my kids from social media is a mistake,’ says Elon Musk

Twitter boss Elon Musk said on Wednesday that he made a ‘mistake’ by never banning his children from accessing the social media platform.

Addressing the World Government Summit in Dubai, the billionaire also announced that his children were ‘programmed’ by social news aggregator Reddit and video hosting and sharing website YouTube.

Musk said, “I haven’t tried to restrict social media for my kids and that may have been a mistake.” What are they looking at.” Musk, 51, is the father of nine children.

In his 35-minute speech, Musk talked about artificial intelligence, the decline of civilization and the possibility of aliens.

However, questions continued to arise about Twitter as Musk insisted his other companies – automotive and energy company Tesla and spacecraft maker and launcher SpaceX – would be able to operate without his day-to-day involvement.

Musk also said he would continue to lead Twitter until the end of the year to “get things right” before handing it over to a new CEO.

“I need to stabilize the organization…make sure it is in a financially sound place and that the product road map is clearly laid out.”

Musk has been active on social media since joining Twitter last year, and his tweets – many tongue-tied – often make headlines.

In a recent tweet, he shared a picture of his dog sitting on the ‘CEO’ chair wearing a black T-shirt. A laptop and some papers were seen on the ground and Musk captioned the picture: “Twitter’s new CEO is amazing.”

In what is seen as a dig at the social media giant’s ex-CEO, Parag Agarwal, who was sacked when Musk took over, the billionaire also wrote, “He is so much better than the other guy.”

Musk has announced several times that he will eventually step down from the leadership of Twitter and focus on his other companies.

Investors in his other company, Tesla, were reportedly unhappy as the billionaire spent most of his time on social media platforms.

Last year, about $720 billion worth of Tesla shares were wiped off on fears that Musk would join Twitter.

Shares later rose again as demand for electric vehicles remained high.

Musk believes that Tesla and SpaceX can go on without his active involvement. SpaceX “has been able to make great progress even though I spend less time there,” he said, while Tesla demands less time now than it did a few years ago.

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