Twitter suspends Elon Musk’s private jet tracking account

Twitter suspends Elon Musk’s private jet tracking account:- Twitter has terminated a user account that was following the whereabouts of a private jet owned by billionaire Elon Musk.

On Wednesday, tweets from the popular @elonjet account were no longer available. As of Tuesday, the account was being followed by more than 526,000 people.

When the account handle is clicked, a message is displayed that reads “Account suspended”. Twitter suspends the accounts of users who violate Twitter Rules.

The account, which was created in 2020 when Jack Sweeney was still a child, automatically uploads Gulfstream plane trips with a map and estimates of the amount of jet fuel and carbon emissions.

Musk tweeted on November 6: “My dedication to free speech goes even as far as not blocking the account tracking my aircraft, even though it is a clear danger to my personal security.”

Jack Sweeney manages similar “bot” accounts that follow the activities of other famous people. On Wednesday, his accounts monitoring private jets used by several Russian oligarchs including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk were still active on Twitter.

He was also active on Facebook and Instagram, two competing social media sites. Despite not immediately responding to a request for comment on Wednesday, Sweeney shared an image of a Twitter warning indicating that @elonjet had been permanently banned from his personal Twitter account.

The message did not mention a permanent ban. There was no immediate response to a request for comment from Twitter.

Sweeney claimed a few days ago that Musk’s Twitter was using a filtering mechanism to obscure Musk’s tweets and leaked what he said were internal documents that a Twitter executive told his employees about the accounts. Was asked to reduce the reach of.

The papers have not been independently verified by The Associated Press.

That screening method, known as “shadowbanning,” has drawn criticism in the past from Musk, who claimed Twitter’s previous leadership misused it to suppress right-wing accounts.

He said that although the new Twitter will still limit the reach of offensive or hateful comments, it will be more explicit about it.


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