Elon Musk Leaks Tesla PI Phone Price & Features

Elon Musk Leaks Tesla PI Phone Price & Features: It’s no secret that very few things please Elon Musk as much as being able to completely overturn a given industry to his favor and he’s done it again. Elon Musk just revealed the Tesla phone price and its features!

The Tesla model PI smartphone is said to include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 processor or higher, up to 2 TB of flash storage, a Super AMOLED display alongside 6BG or more RAM. The smartphone will also have a unique body, with a metallic look that will change color.

A quad camera and a sub-screen front camera are other features. The cameras are expected to be extremely strong, with more than 120 megapixels. When capturing the night sky, current phones already employ AI and sophisticated cameras to assist.

When you combine those capabilities with SpaceX’s interplanetary emphasis, which will certainly seep into this phone, you’ve got a gadget capable of taking stunning images of celestial things. Another sleek feature is that the Model Pi might be powered using solar energy.

It may be charged just by leaving it in the sun and perhaps the most outrageous piece about this phone is that you can also use it to operate your Tesla car and use it as a remote control. Tesla makes solar panels in addition to automobiles, so this isn’t a far-fetched concept.

The phone is unlikely to run entirely on solar power, but it might come with a Tesla-branded casing that allows for some solar charging. A Tesla app for phones already exists to execute certain basic automobile operations, such as locking and unlocking the vehicle, controlling media playing, and summoning the vehicle.

If not built-in to the operating system, this software would very certainly be preloaded on the Tesla phone for simple access from the lock screen or via external buttons. It’s also conceivable that the app will be upgraded to include capabilities that are only available on this phone.

Elon Musk has already spoken out about cryptocurrencies, so it’s fair to believe he’d want to build a capability to mine cryptocurrency with the smartphone. While Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, the Tesla phone is said to mine a new coin called Marscoin.

The concept of computers interacting with the human brain is still a work in progress, and Neuralink is one of the companies working on it. They claim to be “developing the first brain implant that will allow you to operate a computer or mobile device from anywhere.”

Is it possible that the first phone capable of such a feat will come from Tesla? Given that Elon Musk owns Neuralink, it would make sense if this technology ever became a reality. We can also understand why offering the phone satellite connectivity is a good idea, given that SpaceX’s space-based internet provider Starlink has tight ties to Tesla, thanks to Elon Musk’s role as CEO of both companies.

There’s even a case to be made that a Tesla phone might help fund Mars colonization, which has been a business objective since the inception of SpaceX. Pricing? A phone with all of the above-mentioned modern technology would undoubtedly cost more than a few thousand dollars.

As more people use the technology, subsequent generations may become more inexpensive, but don’t anticipate the first iteration to be affordable for most people. Tesla would also be a completely new name in the smartphone business so it’s likely for them to start out small.

If the Tesla phone starts off modestly with only a handful of the anticipated capabilities, it may be priced between $800 and $1200. Pre-orders might begin months before the actual release if an announcement is made. However, let’s take a detour to try and understand how smartphone pricing works.

The price of a smartphone is influenced by a variety of factors, including the device’s brand and the amount of time it has been on the market. The capacity to utilize a gadget on a global scale can have an impact on its pricing.

A smartphone with a high-resolution camera and a large amount of storage space will almost certainly cost more than one with fewer features. Some businesses have built up a reputation among customers that elevates them to celebrity status, where Tesla can potentially fit in. Consumers may look forward to the arrival of new items, which may even make the headlines.

When a company’s brand has the potential to create such sensationalism, it has greater leeway to charge premium pricing for its products. Those businesses aiming to get into the smartphone industry must often offer their products at a lower price until they gain customer trust.

For many smartphone users, collecting and sharing photographs is an everyday occurrence. As a consequence, many consumers consider the camera quality of a gadget to be a significant aspect. It’s also one that might raise the price of their products.

The higher the resolution, which is commonly stated in megapixels, the more expensive it is. The quantity of memory on a smartphone has an impact on its pricing. Memory is usually measured in gigabytes (GBs), and the bigger the number, the more expensive the phone is likely to be.

For many people, the increased storage space is worth the greater price since they rely on their cellphones to store large amounts of data and allow them to use apps. Service plans are frequently linked to the cost of a smartphone.

Depending on the service provider, this aspect changes substantially. If people are ready to sign or renew long-term contracts, certain providers offer significant discounts on smartphones. In relation to Tesla, the idea could be extended to services such as Neuralink connection, integration with Tesla vehicle control, and Starlink.

All combined, we believe that a $800 price tag at the minimum seems very likely for Tesla’s first smartphone. Many businesses have realized that using a ‘skimming’ pricing approach – named after the action of skimming layers of cream from the top of milk – makes sense.

The skimming makes sense since the class disparity is so big and individuals with more money tend to pay more for exclusivity. It gives exclusivity to those who want it while maximizing revenues for the corporation.

Skimming works like this: you start by artificially raising the price of a new, highly anticipated phone. You may create buzz by publicizing the phone’s release well in advance of its actual release and then you may create excitement by beginning pre-orders for the device without a declared final price.

The pre-order ostensibly assures that you will be given first priority for delivery over other customers. You create ‘leaks’ in the press and on social media when a price is revealed in order to measure reactions.

After that, release the phone at an artificially inflated price while also partnering with major banks to give cashback programs of up to 20% to everyone who purchases with a credit card. Keep an eye on sales; if they begin to decrease, it signifies the first few layers of clients have been successfully ‘skimmed.’

Then announce a buyback program in which you may earn an incredibly high repurchase amount for your ragged old phone – a price you never imagined was conceivable. This phase also included trying to persuade everyone that there are only a limited number of supplies available and that this is a limited-time deal.

Finally, lower the sticker price by a significant amount, and the phone will appear to be a good value. There is no cashback or buyback plan with this price drop. Interest-free EMIs can also be advertised at the same time, allowing potential purchasers to divide the entire cost into 3, 6, or 9 EMIs without incurring any additional interest costs.

All this would be in service of an overall aim to get more and more people to buy a Model Pi. Will It Come Out? If you take the time to think about it, you’ll note that there isn’t much difference in terms of depth of features between a smartphone produced in 2014 and a smartphone produced much recently.

This difference, however, is very visible if you compared a 2005 phone to a 2012 phone. What can Tesla do in this regard? It’s simple; take the mobile market by storm through a truly revolutionizing model developed in-house while taking advantage of the stagnation in the market.

However, we have to put our brakes on a little. The majority of the speculations regarding a Tesla Model Pi smartphone can be traced back to adrstudiodesign’s early 2021 YouTube video, but it’s evident that they are the designer’s concepts, not true Tesla leaks or specifications.

The majority of the concepts we’ve seen seem to be based on that source. However, just because it’s a rumor doesn’t mean it’s not based on real-world trends and design ideas. Let’s begin by addressing the mere question of a prospective release.

Tesla has a history of introducing unique goods that are still on-brand, such as a Cybertruck-inspired all-electric car for kids, an umbrella with its name imprinted on it, and a stainless-steel whistle.

Although adding a smartphone to the mix wouldn’t be as surprising, its introduction isn’t as realistic as the other goods, at least not yet. Elon Musk is a very remarkable person, and a future Model Pi would be no different.

If it had been tied to anybody else, no one would have thought that such a device could exist in 2022 or subsequent years, but because it is related to Musk, people are confident that it can, and we are as well.


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