Elon Musk Revealed Tesla’s Upgraded Bot 2022

Elon Musk Revealed Tesla’s Upgraded Bot 2022: Robotics! The number one topic on everyone’s heads since Star Wars took a stranglehold on science and youth culture. And it’s now a hot subject on everyone’s lips once again as Elon Musk just released Tesla’s insane new upgraded bot.

AI Innovation For Robots Tesla isn’t the first carmaker to look at the possibilities of robotic assistance. Honda was a pioneer in the sector with its ASIMO series of walking robots, the first of which debuted in 2000, and Hyundai Motor Group has been investing extensively in the space more recently, including acquiring robotics company Boston Dynamics last year. So, how does Tesla intend to outperform such well-established rivals?

During Tesla’s AI Day presentation, the firm also announced Dojo, a neural network training machine. Consider it a powerful computer that “learns” how to do activities on its own, without the need to be explicitly programmed with predefined algorithms, using data accumulated over millions of miles of driving.

Over-the-air upgrades may then be used to send Dojo-trained software to Tesla automobiles. To power Dojo, Tesla is building its own computer processors, the most recent of which is called D1. The chip, which was also shown at AI Day, has a 7-nanometer manufacturing process with 362 teraflops of computing capability.

Tesla intends to install 25 of these chips on a single tile, and 120 of these tiles will be combined across numerous server cabinets to provide the computational capacity required by Dojo.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiated a formal safety review into Tesla’s Autopilot system only days before the AI Day event, following a series of collisions between Teslas with the driver-assist mode enabled and road-side emergency vehicles.

Senators Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Ed Markey of Massachusetts requested FTC Chair Lina Khan to investigate Tesla’s marketing of Autopilot and the more sophisticated Full Self-Driving driver-assist technology the day after the inquiry was announced. If Tesla wants to get anything right in terms of gaining customer confidence, they should focus on fixing the autopilot.

Bottom Line The display was something to watch, however. It was a crazy and strange act of tomfoolery, even by Musk’s standards: a multifunctional sideshow that ridiculed Tesla critics fed the fans, inflated the stock price, and generated some eye-catching headlines.

The latter is especially significant given that the plurality of Tesla headlines lately have centered on a government probe into the company’s Autopilot software’s proclivity for colliding with parked emergency vehicles. Just gaze at the person in the spandex suit, says Musk, and forget about it all! I guarantee it’ll be a genuine robot next year.

To put Musk’s statements in context, consider that Boston Dynamics, which produces Atlas, the world’s most sophisticated bipedal robot, has never referred to their machines as anything other than R&D.

Atlas, according to Boston Dynamics, is only a tool to test the boundaries of robotics: it isn’t even close to being ready for commercial use. The team demonstrated how difficult it is to develop a bipedal robot in recent footage of the machine, as well as how frequently Atlas trips and falls. It’s also worth remembering that Boston Dynamics has spent more than a decade developing Atlas and its bipedal forerunners. Musk believes he can outperform them in a year.

There’s no denying that robotics is having a significant impact on the industry, but there’s no need to pretend that machines need to seem human to do so. Musk is notorious for his bait-and-switch tactics. Consider how his designs for the Hyperloop have evolved over time.

The technology was announced as a railgun-like train system that would transport passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes. These goals have dwindled with time until the project has become The Loop: a little tunnel through which you can drive a car if you choose. Sophia, the automated chatbot that has been on talk programs and magazine covers, is what the Tesla Bot reminded many of.

Sophia is a frequent target of AI scientists’ contempt since she depends on deception to deceive audiences. It does, however, have a task to do. Sophia operates by stimulating our imagination, urging us to trick ourselves into thinking the future is closer than the evidence shows, as one of the robot’s inventors, Ben Goertzel, told reporters in 2017.

The robot earns funds and media attention for its creators as a result of this procedure. “If I tell people I’m using probabilistic logic to do reasoning on how best to prune the backward chaining inference trees that arise in our logic engine, they have no idea what I’m talking about,” said Goertzel. “But if I show them a beautiful smiling robot face, then they get the feeling that AGI may indeed be nearby and viable.”.

Musk wants to instill that sense in his audience, whether they are investors or not. His take on the Sophia technique is that he doesn’t even need a mechanical doppelgänger to sell the idea. All he needs is a spandex-clad dancer. All he needs is a dancer in a spandex suit. Now that’s innovation.

He has impacted the world positively but when it comes to this in particular, it remains to be seen whether he’ll make much out of a noble vision, and right now, confidence is low. For appropriate recontextualization, remember that Elon Musk took the stage and vowed that Tesla, a firm whose driving assist software can’t safely dodge parked ambulances, will soon produce a fully functional humanoid robot. Musk said that the computer will be able to intuitively follow human directions, such as “please go to the shop and bring me the following items.” “Yeah, I think we can accomplish that,” he answered after outlining these situations. And he did it all with a dancer in a spandex suit.

We’ve given you a lot of information regarding the display without actually discussing it at length but we’ll rectify that right now. Elon Musk presented the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot that uses the same artificial intelligence as Tesla’s fleet of self-driving cars.

However, the Tesla ‘Bot’ that was shown was in fact just a dancer with body-paint standing in for an actual prototype or demo. It was during Tesla’s AI Day presentation which ended with that unexpected unveiling, with Musk revealing scant specifics about the rather eerie, Slenderman-like robot beyond a few PowerPoint slides.

He expects the 5-foot-8-inch robot to weigh 125 pounds and be constructed of “lightweight materials.” Its head will be equipped with the autopilot cameras that Tesla vehicles use to assess their surroundings, as well as a screen to show information. It will be controlled inside by Tesla’s Full Self-Driving computer. “It’s intended to be friendly,” Musk joked, “and navigate through a world built for humans.”

After a 90-minute presentation describing some of the artificial intelligence enhancements powering Tesla’s electric vehicles, like the Dojo supercomputer, which helps train cars to traverse city streets without human assistance, the robot made its entrance.

Musk stated, “It makes sense to put it into humanoid form.” Musk took care to stress out that you could both outpace and “overpower” the Tesla Bot on three slides that outlined the robot’s intended characteristics. He has previously spoken out against the use of robots as weapons and warned of the dangers that artificial intelligence (AI) might bring, calling it the “greatest peril we face as a society.” “We should be worried about AI,” Musk reiterated during a question and answer session after the presentation.

“What we’re trying to do here at Tesla is make useful AI that people love and is … unequivocally good.” The Tesla Bot, according to one presentation, would remove “dangerous, repetitive, boring chores,” and Musk gave an example, saying the robot might be instructed to “go to the shop and acquire… the following foodstuffs.”

Although such a duty is not exceptionally hazardous, you may find it monotonous and dull. Musk, who is known for making wild predictions about the future, riffed on how he sees Tesla Bot affecting the future of employment as well. “I believe this will be extremely deep,” he said.


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