Elon Musk Unveils Tesla’s New Sustainable House – Cost $15000

Elon Musk Unveils Tesla’s New Sustainable House – Cost $15000: Today we’ll be telling you all about the First Tesla Home. In a market where Tesla plans on taking over the entire Electric Vehicle industry, can Tesla take over multiple avenues? What plans do they have? Stick around to find out more.

Sure, you might have dreamt about having a Tesla in your garage, but how about a Tesla home? The C.E.O. of Tesla, Elon Musk, is all set to enter the housing industry. And hold on to your seats because it’s nothing short of spectacular!

Elon has been on the news almost every single day for months now. And why wouldn’t he be? He has been coming up with innovations that no one ever expected. From installing chips in your brain through Neuralink to building underground tunnels with The Boring Company, coming up with a yacht, and now home!


As some of you may remember, back in 2016, something along the lines of a “house of the future” did surface on the internet. Musk’s original image, shown to the press on the set of Desperate Housewives in October 2016 at the time of SolarCity’s planned merger with Tesla, depicted the house of the future.

A Tesla Model 3 electric car charger in the garage, a Tesla Solar Roof collects clean energy for the house, and a Powerwall stores solar energy for use at night. The house was the closest thing to a “Tesla home” back then. Stay tuned to find out if the features of the upcoming houses are similar.

Elon has now formally stated that Tesla is building a home, and we are pretty thrilled about it. It starts with. TESLA s Association with Alset Ehome Alset EHome Incorporated was established in the United States and has signed a strategic deal with Tesla Inc. for an initial supply of Tesla Powerwalls, PV solar panels, and electric-vehicle chargers to be installed in single-family homes.

According to the firm, Tesla products will be placed in twenty new single-family homes in Porter, Texas. Alset also has twenty additional houses under contract in the same community that was supposed to close a few months ago.

Alset EHome aims to buy another 70 units in the Houston region, bringing the total number of E-home deliveries to 100 by the end of 2021. According to the developer, the houses at Alset at Black Oak are practically sold out, and construction on subsequent stages is on schedule.

To promote the use of electric cars for a sustainable lifestyle, each Ehome will come with a Tesla vehicle. According to the company, Alset EHome expects to build more than 5,000 smartly built E-homes in the next three to five years. Now, let s talk about the FEATURES OF THIS HOUSE

Tesla Home Features

Installing Solar Panels or a Solar Roof

Solar panels would essentially power the whole house. Tesla has its own range of solar panels or solar rooftops. The Tesla solar roof has all the great potential that you’d expect from Elon Musk’s brilliant enterprise.

Rather than utilizing panels, the idea transforms your entire roof into a solar array. The Tesla solar roof replaces ordinary shingles with tempered glass panels that provide the same level of protection as a typical roof while also gathering solar energy. Because Tesla solar roofs are uniquely constructed for each roof, they are less proven and more difficult to transfer to another home if you move.

As of now, solar panels have been installed on more than 400,000 roofs. And as far as we know, the solar roofs or panels that will be put on the new Tesla house are not only elegant and fancy, but they are also quite durable. The energy can be stored then later used, made possible by ower walls.


When the grid goes down, the Powerwall store’s energy detects outages, and immediately becomes your home’s energy source. Powerwalls are nothing like generators, they keep your lights on and your phones charged while requiring no maintenance or any fuel.

A Tesla Powerwall 2 or Powerwall Plus is presently available for purchase. The Powerwall 1 has been out of production since 2016. However, the later models are far superior. A single Powerwall 2 or Powerwall Plus can store 13.5 kilowatt-hours of energy.

The latest models also have a larger power output, which means they can power more gadgets simultaneously. Both the Powerwall 2 and the Powerwall Plus contain an inbuilt inverter and rectifier that converts Alternating current to Direct Current.

The inverter in the Powerwall 2 is exclusively for the battery, and solar panels require an additional inverter. The Powerwall Plus, on the other hand, comes with a solar inverter. Both versions may be charged from the grid when the solar panels aren’t providing power.

To keep your appliances operating for days, pair them with solar panels and charge them with sunlight. By storing solar energy for use when the sun is not out, Powerwall decreases your dependency on the grid. To save money, lower your carbon impact, and prepare your house for power outages, Powerwall can be used alone or in combination with other Tesla products. It is truly amazing! What do you think?


According to Alset e-home, each e-home will include a Tesla automobile and a charging station. When questioned about the items utilized by Tesla, it was claimed that it was in the interest of encouraging the adoption of electric automobiles.

According to Alset e-home, Tesla’s goods are technologically better and quite visually beautiful. They went on to say that in addition to building e-homes in the United States, they hope to take their concept global, with the company aiming to create 5000 e-homes in the next three to five years.

Tesla electric vehicle chargers are part of a supercharger network that allows you to charge your car quickly, even if you’re in a rush. You won’t have to worry about the car being completely charged because charging connections are accessible at various spots where you can just wait a little while before getting back on the road.

Tesla wall chargers will allow customers to wake up to a fully charged electric car without needing to go to a specific charging outlet in a nearby spot to charge their vehicle. These wall chargers also include software upgrades that are automatically updated to ensure that they are always working at their optimum.

There are also over 4,500 destination charges around the country, so you can rest easy no matter where you travel without worrying about running out of gas. How does this benefit the environment? Having a solar-powered house and driving a completely electric vehicle provide several environmental advantages.

Using these goods will significantly reduce your carbon impact. By simply collecting energy through the solar panels and storing it, you are effectively paying for your power use when you use the solar roof system. This also makes it easier for owners to keep track of their monthly utility expenses.

People who choose these items will also save a lot of money. You can calculate how much money you would save by using these goods on the Tesla websites. Alset Home Corporation and Tesla are building a sustainable community with the common objective of lowering carbon emissions and having a positive influence on the environment.

The goal is for the communities they create to be completely self-sufficient. Elon Musk remarked on the sustainable initiative, noting that the input they receive from the community’s solar and battery goods would influence how they develop and launch future products.

Creating a sustainable lifestyle to decrease carbon emissions is a crucial concept that must be implemented. With the detrimental impacts of global warming, it’s past time for us to modify our ways of living and put more effort into it.

Tesla’s discoveries and execution are a significant motivator for other firms to build sustainable products as well. Is there any Tesla product that you own or would want to own? Tesla has tried its luck in almost every field, and we hope that it does well in the housing industry too.

Even though Elon and Tesla will face multiple challenges to enter an industry that many have considered to be saturated if there is one thing Musk has excelled at, it is at proving his trolls wrong! Do you think Musk can be successful in the housing industry? Let us know in the comments below!

FAQ – Tesla House

Is Tesla making houses?

In July, Elon Musk’s company partnered with Panther National Development Team to provide energy products for 218 homes, including Tesla’s solar panels, wall connectors for electric vehicles, and Powerwall.

What is the price of a Tesla Powerwall?

The 7kWh variant is priced at $ 3,000; the 10 kWh one at $ 3,500.

What is the price of a Tesla Solar Roof?

$15.29 per square foot – $21.30 per square foot

What is the cost of a Tesla electric home?

Nearly $15,000


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