Presenting New INSANE $15,000 Tesla House For Sustainable Living

Presenting New INSANE $15,000 Tesla House For Sustainable Living: Everyone has heard about Tesla revolutionizing the entire transport sector. But you probably haven’t heard how Elon Musk and Tesla are trying to change every aspect of our lives.

From putting electric cars in every garage to solar panel roofs on every house, Musk is looking to create products to ensure that our little blue planet doesn’t become a smoking ruin, In today’s post, our focus isn’t on the Tesla solar roof or Tesla cars. We will be talking about the latest step Elon Musk just took, which is the affordable green homes that Tesla is offering.

The first model was just unveiled in California. With $15,000, you could be a landlord without having mortgage fees breathing down your neck. What’s there to know about Tesla’s $15,000 sustainable home?

Tesla’s $15,000 Sustainable Home?

The newest project that Musk has undertaken and executed is Tesla’s new tiny house for sustainable living. Musk has his hands in all pies, and it makes you wonder if there’s anything else left to do that Musk hasn’t already done. He’s involved in things here on Earth and is also a significant player in the space race.

Musk recently unveiled the tiny house, which would be crammed without all the cutting-edge technology you would expect in a sustainable environment. Musk himself owns one of these tiny houses, which is less than half the price of a Model 3.

The sustainable new tiny house prompted Musk to make an announcement. On June 14, 2021, he announced that he would sell his house. In a previous post, he said that his primary residence is a $50,000 home in Boca Chica.

This $50,000 home is some sort of Starbase that he rents from SpaceX. Musk has had a smooth relationship with the media and people who don’t like him. His wealth has been criticized, and his decision to sell all his mansions has been mocked.

The follower who pointed out these things to Musk was the same person who revealed that Musk is now living in a Boxabl Casita. The Boxabl Casita is a $50,000 prefabricated home that hasn’t hit the mainstream market yet, but its producers hope it will soon, alleviating the housing shortage.

Who or what exactly is Boxabl?

Boxabl is headed by Paolo Tiramani. In November 2021, the company posted a video on YouTube, announcing that it had recently constructed a Casita house in Boca Chica for a high-profile and top-secret customer.

Although nobody was named in the video, Boca Chica was a pretty tranquil quiet place before Elon Musk, and SpaceX set up shop there. So it wasn’t long before people figured out that the Boxabl Casita in Boca Chica was delivered for Elon Musk.

According to Galliano Tiramani, the co-founder of Boxabl, there are several reasons why housing has not yet worked in the factory, so we have gone through and resolved all the problems. He also believes that other prefab home manufacturers face the same challenges with shipping logistics.

He added that the idea is that this would be targeted towards accessory dwelling units, which are becoming increasingly popular in California. Because of this spark, Boxabl decided to launch the brand in 2017. It aims to transform building construction worldwide into a factory assembly line.

Houses would be manufactured just like any other product you can buy, have it shipped to your location, and have it set up in an hour. Some processes require lifting equipment during unpacking, but most of the unpacking could be achieved by humans.

Once the outer wall has been unfolded, it becomes the floor, and the two side walls are visible. After the roof has been unfolded, the entire structure is covered. Boxabl Casita is a studio apartment in a box for one or two persons. It has been designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

In this makeshift house, you will find five rooms, including a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom, and a media room. You also have air conditioning, heating, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, built-in ironing center, microwave, a washer, and dryer.

It utilizes low energy technology, so your monthly energy bills are as little as possible. Boxabl has taken years of prototyping to ensure that the homes they built are built out of materials that would not degrade. Each boxabl home is built out of steel concrete and EPS foam.

The walls, floor, and roofs are made with laminated panels, making them legal for traveling on highways. A Boxabl home costs $49,500; if you can’t pay that all at once, you can pay $250 monthly. There are many reasons why many prefer Boxabl houses in this period of home shortage.

The biggest reason is the time, cost, and labor efficiency attached to homes built in the factory. As of now, there are almost fifty thousand people on the company’s waitlist who have expressed an interest in a Boxabl home. The lengthy waiting list is not because fans of Elon Musk want to live as he does.

Boxabl had already built a waitlist of over 40,000 before Musk’s fanboys joined the group. The average time it takes for Boxabl to build a house is approximately seven months. Boxabl says connecting the buildings or stacking them to create larger buildings is possible.

If you want a larger pre-fabricated building, you might want to wait longer. Tiramani claims that Musk’s interest in the brand has helped generate interest from a wider audience. He has also said that Boxabl intends to build larger units in the future.

Boxabl claims that folding homes are essential for maximizing transportation efficiency. These modular homes are 14 feet wide, and they require escorted trucks with a wide load sign when traveling on the highway.

Boxabl’s foldable homes are eight feet wide, so they don’t require any special assistance from their users, reducing the shipping cost to any part of the country. You can get free delivery in some states, but you should expect an additional charge if you live in a remote area.

The $50,000 price tag includes delivery and unpacking. Permits and other fees may be incurred. Tiramani thinks the way to solve the housing shortage problem is with a technologically oriented solution like Boxabl homes.

The company will be making its first order for the Department of Defense in the coming weeks. The order consists of 156 homes. Boxabl hopes to expand its operations and build more homes in the future.

Just in case you are still wondering why Musk is selling all his other properties in favor of a Boxabl home, it would seem that Musk is trying to reduce his carbon footprint as much as possible. Musk doesn’t own yachts or multi-billion dollar homes; he has been trying to live this way for years.

The fact that Musk has left his mansions to a smaller sustainable home is not a surprise; he has been talking about doing it and has only proven that he is a man of his word. We might not live with the tech billionaire in his new home that costs less than a Tesla Model S Plaid, but as far as we know, the business magnate is not regretting his decision.

Musk tweeted, saying, “Yeah, sold my houses except for 1 in Bay Area that’s rented out for events. Working on sustainable energy for Earth with Tesla and protecting the future of consciousness by making life multi-planetary with SpaceX.

Also, AI risk mitigation with Neuralink and fixing traffic with Boring.” The Tesla CEO is so concerned about the environmental impact of his company that he has suspended Bitcoin payments for Tesla cars due to sustainability issues.

It takes a lot of computing power to mine Bitcoins, and those computers use up a lot of electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. Musk sees sustainability as one of Tesla’s core values, and taking Bitcoin payments does not exactly promote those values.

The tiny house consumes less energy, it also requires less space than conventional houses, so it makes sense for Musk to live in one, so his carbon footprint can be reduced to almost nothing.

These tiny houses are durable and withstand the snow loads in 90 percent of North America. In the remaining 10 percent, the Boxabl home can be retrofitted for those heavy snow loads.

Futurism reports that the mansion was sold for 30 million dollars. Musk Boxabl Casita is a great way to embrace sustainable living and is way better than owning several mansions or a 500 million dollar yacht.


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