Elon Musk Just Unveils Tesla’s New Motorcycle – Tesla Model M

Elon Musk Just Unveils Tesla’s New Motorcycle – Tesla Model M: Elon Musk has changed what we thought was impossible. With his genius, he has given the tech world a new face. This man with the hands of gold has revolutionized the EV industry with his futuristic vision and state-of-the-art electric vehicles.

But that is not all, as his brilliant and front lining company, Tesla, has given hints on a new addition to its family, a two-wheeler known as the Model M. Join us as we will explore the high-tech speed demon on two wheels!

Chances of Musk’s Building an Electric Motorcycle Many things are credited to Elon Musk; creating and expanding electric cars, expanding the frontiers of space, reviving and changing the internet system, among other things.

One of his stand-out achievements is redefining the promises and components of vehicles. Whatever the vehicle is, whether it’s an SUV, truck, or other categories of cars, Elon has touched and revolutionized them. But, for one that is known to have created so much impact in the world of electric cars, it comes as a surprise that he is yet to have touched the motorcycle segment

As of 2019, the electric motorcycle and scooter market is worth over 30 billion dollars. The companies, Lime and Bird, both sell scutters, which include everything from large motorcycles for highway cruising to tiny stand-up scooters.

And over the next few years, the market is projected to grow at an annual rate of more than 4 percent and reach 40 billion dollars by 2026.

Furthermore, increasing customer awareness of air pollution has increased government investment in EV charging infrastructure, and concerns about vehicle emissions will all influence the demand for electric vehicles shortly.

Moreover, battery technology continues to improve, boosting the prospect for more electric bikes. It’s no secret that Honda and Harley- Davidson are two of the most prominent motorcycle manufacturers with plans to build electric bikes.

Gawley’s Prototype/ Tesla’s Model M James Gawley, a design expert, marked out how a Tesla-designed motorcycle would look with his design skills. James created a prototype of what he perceived Tesla’s motorcycle would look like, back in 2015.

The prototype is a cross between a traditional motorcycle and a sports two-ring motorcycle. Infused with Tesla’s overall aesthetic, this prototype embodies all the Tesla stands for, giving the company an edge over its competitors.

Furthermore, the model M of Tesla is in the form of a motorcycle and it looks outstandingly incredible. With a sleek aerodynamic design and all of those features that Tesla has been experimenting with, just on a bigger scale.

Advantage and features of the Model M In the world of varying opportunities, change and the attendant nuances that come with technological development, there are certain factors that create a world that constantly degenerates.

More like an auto-immune disease, with the white blood cell of the society eating itself up. Global warming, environmental pollution, and the ripple effects of rejuvenating genetic disaster.

It’s important and expedient that we use technology that would serve to recreate society and restore health while giving us more of the positive features of the erstwhile tech revolution. This is where electric cars, and by extension, the electric motorcycle comes in.

The fundamental advantage of this novel invention, if it gets to see the light of day, is a safe environment. With the reduction of fumes released into the atmosphere, the world would be significantly saved from the menace of environmental degradation.

Another advantage of the electric motorcycle is what is known as instantaneous torque. This is just like the advantage of fully electric cars. An electric Tesla motorcycle is driven by a powerful motor that can generate instant power that provides fast acceleration.

In the same way, Tesla cars have such a rapid 0-60 time because the electric motors do not experience a power transmission lack experienced by cars with internal combustion engines.

The Tesla model M is not only meant to be a motorcycle lover’s electric alternative, but it’s also intended to surpass the performance and speed of the conventional two-wheelers. This feat should not be too hard for an electric motorcycle.

The model M would not have rearview mirrors but would be replaced with a camera. Musk is now presumably doing this already with the Cybertruck. With the assistance of cameras mounted at the rear, riders will be able to see behind them easily.

This would facilitate a smooth change of lanes and reverse without having to physically turn around. Furthermore, the rearview camera would dim depending on lighting conditions and it would also have anti-glare functionality even in extremely bright conditions.

Gawley created an extremely intriguing concept based on Tesla’s in-care UI that incorporates this cool design. And there is no doubt that Tesla excels at designing user interfaces, so this idea is not a surprise.

Model M would feature a touch-screen display and a similar user interface to the Tesla vehicle. The operating touch-screen panel will be in the front with the driver. Tesla’s Model M features a larger dashboard making it a perfect fit for the Tesla ecosystem.

As a matter of fact, Tesla makes cars that are much like computers on wheels which is consistent with the philosophy behind the company. The display is quite enormous which leaves us wondering whether it can show as much information on display as possible while keeping the motorcycle in shape to keep things as discreet as possible.

The panel would include both the day and night mode, so it can be used under very high or low light conditions. It also embodies many of the features we have come to associate with Tesla displays. Model M is described as a premium motorcycle by Gawley.

This machine’s largest and most distinguished feature is the top display touch-screen. This screen is curved upwards towards the rider and it has day and night modes. These modes are basically to enhance visibility without distraction.

In addition, it lets you access rich content at your fingertips and offers mobile connectivity so you can have access to your favorite songs or new restaurants wherever you are. Simply put, the Model M is Tesla’s car on two wheels.

This is because it is complete with most of the fascinating features that are included in Tesla’s cars. In addition to the rider, the model M would also have a hydraulic stand, zero profile footpegs, a hidden charge for charging up, full integration with Apple, and a smart air suspension.

As such, it makes sense that low-profile footpegs could be a part of stream light aerodynamic design study. The footpegs would rotate out of place as soon as the motorcycle is turned. And when not in use, the footpads would flatten back seamlessly, erasing all traces of their presence.

In the concept, the turn signal lights are mounted at the back of these footpads. Although you would not really expect turn signals to be installed on the backside of footpads, you would agree with me that they look perfect there.

It would also be possible to reduce the height of the motorcycle while reducing its frontal area by using the smart air suspension, but this would not be the only benefit. Elon Musk’s Stand on the Model M As much as we like the idea of the Tesla Motorcycle, it is greatly in doubt if the electric magic would see the light of day, until Elon gets, well, a spiritual sign to go ahead with it.

Haunted by his past, the tech genius would not want to create a similar product that almost cost him his life. Musk had a near-fatal motorbike accident in his youth, that was so fatal it creeped him out to mount a bike.

This experience constantly scares the CEO away from two-wheelers, and his lack of consent proves that he would not want anyone to fall victim to his company’s creation. He believes that apart from the unpredictable state of the motorcycle, it is far above control and prone to very ghastly accidents. Hence, the reason the Model M has been on the shelf for this long.

We hope, for the sake of bike lovers, that this fear is replaced with faith, and the CEO can give the green light for production.


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  2. A motorcycle is not a car on 2 wheels. Riders do not have attention available to “access rich content on user interfaces”, as their faculties are required to ride and stay alive. Further, there’s no mention of Zero Motorcycles, the largest electric motorcycle manufacturer (Lime? Really?). I’ve been riding their products since 2013, and even the 2013 had better performance than Harley’s current offering. Zero succeeds because the bike is a motorcycle first, which happens to be electric. This…..thing attempts to automate the riding experience. This is not why riders ride.

  3. Hahahaha maybe as a commuter inner city type bike it might work but there are places where that just won’t work. For example there are many long distance riders such as myself who regularly do 1000 mile days on long trips I do 600 mile days back to back to back towing a trailer don’t think this type of bike will even remotely be suitable


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