Elon Musk says President Biden treats Americans ‘like fools’

US billionaire Elon Musk slammed US President Joe Biden after he dropped Tesla’s name in a post talking about the future of electric vehicles in America.

Tesla’s CEO, Musk, was apparently angered after the US president dropped the electric vehicle maker’s name in a Twitter post where he said, “Companies like GM and Ford are making more electric vehicles here than ever before. “

Responding to Biden’s Twitter post on future electric vehicles in the US, Musk wrote the name “Tesla” in all capital letters. In another tweet, he said, “Biden is a Damp Socks puppet in human form.” Musk also said that “Biden is treating the American public like fools”.

He made the remarks earlier this week after the US president met with executives from rival car companies General Motors and Ford Motor.

After the swipe, Biden invited the CEOs of General Motors and Ford to the White House to discuss his administration’s Build Back Better legislation with other business leaders.

Interestingly, Biden invited executives from these companies last year when it signed an executive order with the goal of making all vehicles sold in the US electric by 2030. However, Musk, who is a critic of the Biden administration, was dropped from the list.

Fox News reported that back in September, the Tesla CEO had said that the Biden administration “seems to be a bit biased” and controlled by unions.


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Information Source: Business Standard

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  1. Elon is totally correct biden was selected not elected I’m sure he already knows that Elon musk must stay out of politics as it could cause him harm with the corrupt officials


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