Take A Look Elon Musk Gives a Tour in the $10 BILLION Tesla Gigafactory Texas

Elon Musk Gives a Tour in the $10 BILLION Tesla Gigafactory Texas: Tesla is preparing to begin production at its newest facility in the United States, the Texas Gigafactory. This facility has been in the works for some time at the US-based EV manufacturer. Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, has now confirmed that the production facility will be inaugurated during a “grand opening party with factory tours”.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, confirmed the news on Twitter today. He was responding to a question from one of the social media platform’s users. The Tesla factory in Austin, which is now the EV maker’s headquarters, is billed as the world’s largest and will be 1.21 kilometres long.

It will house Tesla vehicles such as the Model 3 and Model Y, as well as the upcoming Cybertruck. The Cybertruck’s production has been pushed back due to ongoing supply chain issues. In today’s article, we take a look inside the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas! Now let’s get started!

Model Y castings are beginning to pile up in remarkable quantities at the new Tesla Giga Texas plant, located just outside of Austin. Someone on-site released a Snapchat video of hundreds of Model Y castings on the grounds as Tesla increases manufacturing of the all-electric crossover.

The Tesla Giga Texas, which is slated to commence production later this year, has already begun in pre-production. Since its foundation, Tesla has constantly worked to enhance manufacturing processes through various production efficiencies, which has been a business priority since its founding.

The most remarkable machine was the Giga Press, a giant machine from the Italian company IDRA that can create the bodywork of any of Tesla’s vehicles in seconds. The IDRA presses have already been observed on the Giga Texas property, and it appears like Tesla is preparing to start production with them.

Teslarati received the film through Snapchat, which allows users to scan a map and watch snaps from anywhere on earth. After mapping Giga Texas and checking publicly available Snapchats, it was evident that Model Y castings are starting to build up in substantial numbers as Tesla prepares to produce hundreds of thousands of automobiles at the factory next year.

Tesla has been testing production equipment at Giga Texas for several months. Photos of a Model Y chassis appeared on Reddit late in July, displaying the all-electric crossover’s nearly finished body.

Some members of the community speculated that it was most likely a test frame manufactured in Fremont and moved to Giga, Texas, to be used in calibrating the plant’s automated production machinery. On the other hand, Tesla began producing fully outfitted pre-production vehicles late last month.

More Model Y castings were seen on-site in the back of a truck, most likely being transferred by Joe Tegtmeyer to another area of the Giga Texas property. In late August, Tesla began building Model Y pre-production automobiles at the plant.

Pre-production phases are widely used by automakers to evaluate the precision and efficiency of the machinery on-site, guaranteeing that it is ready for large-scale production. There was also talk of Cyber Truck chassis being present at the facility.

An image of Cybertruck-shaped things wrapped in covers went viral, but it was never confirmed whether Tesla was building the vehicle ahead of its initial production stages, which have been pushed out to late 2022, according to Tesla’s online Design Studio. Tesla hopes to begin building Model Ys in Texas later this year, after the initial development phases of the factory are completed.

Tesla’s achievements in constructing Giga Texas continue to astound. The manufacturer’s factory formally and solemnly welcomed the company’s employees to their new workplace for the first time. Tesla began construction in Giga, Texas, just over a year ago, and today marks the first day that employees are officially welcomed inside its doors.

Although no official statement has been published, the photographs suggest that the corporation is having a welcome party for new staff. According to photographs posted by @JoeTegtmeyer/Twitter, Tesla personnel have begun reporting to work at Giga Texas.

To begin with, a checkpoint with a sign reading “Tesla personnel” and an arrow pointing in the direction of travel was set up. Second, there are balloons in the staff room that say “welcome.” It’s worth mentioning that Tesla staff have been working at Giga Texas since August, when test sample production began.

As a result, while a greeting like this may herald the entrance of a new group of staff, it is not always the case. The enormous building in Giga, Texas, is nearly finished with its frame. The only unfinished component is the central section, which spans from the factory’s centre to the south. At this moment, the installation of supports has already begun.

The remaining structure is almost fully covered by a shell. Walls, windows, and doors are still missing in some parts, but because the construction is composed of prefabricated pieces, they should be installed as soon as possible.

We can see Tesla Model Y castings lined up inside the automaker’s planned Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, thanks to a secret film published on YouTube by Teslarati blogger Joey Klender. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Model Y parts in a non-operational plant, but the quantity of castings has increased dramatically.

Klender took the video from Snapchat. Someone with access to Tesla’s Texas headquarters clearly videotaped and shared the footage. According to Teslarati, thousands of Model Y castings are currently on-site. By the end of the year, Tesla plans to establish a Gigafactory near Austin.

However, we’ve been keeping an eye on multiple drone flyovers, the majority of which were filmed by Joe Tegtmeyer, that have improved significantly in recent months. There had been Model Y castings at the property for a long time, but many of them were stacked outside.

It’s unclear whether all of the castings were created in Texas or if they were shipped there. Furthermore, it looked like Tesla was first testing the casting equipment and procedure. The early castings might later be recycled and the process restarted.

According to sources, the castings are now neatly lined up inside the factory, ready for manufacturing. Tesla has launched pre-production Model Y crossover production in Austin. We are currently simply waiting because we do not know when the facility will be functional.

Once production begins, it will take some time to build up. It’s also worth mentioning that this could indicate that Tesla is on track to produce Model Y crossovers with structural battery packs containing 4680 battery cells.

There is no word on whether the new cells will be made available, particularly in large quantities. Tesla creates endlessly scalable renewable energy generating and storage technologies like solar panels, solar roofs, the Powerwall home battery, and the Powerpack battery system for commercial and utility-scale locations to speed the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

These items make use of the most environmentally beneficial energy source available: the sun. In 2017, Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York, a 1.2 million-square-foot facility, began producing solar cells and modules.

In 2019, Tesla established additional production lines for electrical components for superchargers and energy storage devices. Gigafactory 2 has so far employed over 800 workers, and the facility’s operations and output are continually scaling up.

The 88-acre Buffalo River site was converted from a steel mill into a solar panel and cell manufacturing facility. The original owner of the factory agreed to an agreement with the Tesla purchased SolarCity in 2016, assuring the building of Gigafactory 2.

Tesla has pledged to generate 5,000 clean energy jobs in New York over the next ten years, many of which will be headquartered in Buffalo, converting the city into a hub for sustainable innovation and advanced manufacturing.

Is this the world’s largest battery plant? The key manufacturing sections at the Tesla Berlin automobile factory include the press shop, foundry, body shop, paint shop, powertrain manufacturing, seat manufacturing, and final assembly. Tesla also plans to make the factory the largest battery cell manufacturing facility in the world.

Musk believes that a manufacturing capacity of up to 100 gigatonnes per year is achievable. Capacity could be increased to 200 or 250 GWh in the future. A single factory with a yearly capacity of 100 GWh might generate enough batteries to power 1.3 million Model Y cars with 75 KWh batteries.

Tesla intends to produce new “4680 cells” with a higher energy density, measuring 80 by 46 mm, at its Berlin factory (thus the name). In January, the EU granted state funding for the battery project. According to Jörg Steinbach, the Brandenburg economy minister who was instrumental in bringing Tesla to the region, battery production might begin in two years. What precisely does this mean?

Analyses and reactions Economy Minister Peter Altmaier called Tesla’s announcement in late 2019 a “milestone” for the development of electric transportation and the fabrication of battery cells in Texas. He says that the investment will pay off and “enhance Texas’s global standing as a centre for the automobile sector.”

“Tesla’s entrance into Texas is warmly welcomed by the German Automotive Industry Association” (VDA). It benefits the company and exhibits its high degree of knowledge. Hildegard Müller, President of the VDA, revealed this at a conference in early 2021.

“A diverse spectrum of vendors stands to benefit.” “We are Europe’s unchallenged leader in the manufacture of electric vehicles,” she added. In early 2020, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess claimed on social media, “You can rarely conceive of another investment that would be more helpful to the automobile country than number one.”

Tesla is a key player in a variety of industries, including battery cells and electric vehicles, as well as automotive digitalization and self-driving technologies. Volkswagen AG welcomes the new neighborhood since it will help the German ecosystem flourish for future automotive engineering. “This type of healthy rivalry nourishes and inspires Texas,” he said.


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