Elon Musk: “Biden Is A Damp Sock Puppet In Human Form!”

Elon Musk: “Biden Is A Damp Sock Puppet In Human Form!”: Elon Musk depends on a series of understandings and deals between him, the government, politicians, and regulatory bodies. What political party and what particular president is in power in the US both significantly affect his company’s profits and fortunes.

While we can get a hint of the strained relationship between the two when Elon Musk referred to the president as “not the friendliest” after the White House EV summit snub, we don’t think it’s enough reason for Musk to want to go to a full out war with the president. So, what exactly is the not-so-obvious reason why?

Musk and Trump Thanks to his public spats with California lawmakers over his desire to reopen his factories despite government directives, his determination to keep the lights on, and, most importantly, his growing distaste for media sources like CNN, the tech tycoon has acquired new followers.

Ivanka Trump, who tweeted in response to his cryptic tweet about swallowing “the red pill” — a reference to The Matrix and an online term that, broadly speaking these days, means doubting the nature of political reality — was second.

“Elon has a lot in common with Trump [in that] they are both people that ‘shake the box,’” said Logan Cook, a prominent meme creator in Trump’s online base Tiana Lowe, a conservative commentator for the Washington Examiner who recently defended Musk, said she thought it was a hint that Musk supporters and Trump supporters could find common ground against their common foes.

“We don’t see him hinting and nodding and winking at the alt-right, and we don’t see him hinting or nodding or winking at racism or sexism,” Lowe said. “But there is sort of an attitude of, if Texas is going to let me run my business, that’s great. If fake news media is going to say lies about me, screw them. And I think that really does kind of resonate with Trump.”

Musk’s representatives did not return a request for comment. Musk, who is a registered independent voter with moderate views, has openly criticized Trump in the past, saying in 2016 that he “doesn’t seem to have the sort of character” needed to be president and blasting him in 2017 for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement and, as a result, withdrawing from his business advisory groups.

But, unlike other tech billionaires whom Trump frequently criticized for opposing him, Trump continued to praise the South African-born polymath even before the coronavirus. “He likes rockets. And he does good at rockets, too, by the way,” he told CNBC at Davos in February, calling him one of the “world’s great geniuses,” and “one of our very smart people, and we want to cherish those people.”

Trump campaign deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews said in a statement that the president has “breathed new life into space exploration and taken bold steps towards guaranteeing American space dominance.”

Indeed, it was during the Trump administration that saw both Tesla and SpaceX register some of their fastest growth years during their entire respective existences. In the process, he’s done things that Trump and his supporters have praised, such as blasting CNN in April after they reported that he hadn’t delivered ventilators to California as promised.

He tweeted, “What I find surprising is that CNN still exists,” followed by a rush of evidence that he had delivered the promised ventilators to hospitals around the state. Musk’s Opinion of Biden Administration Interestingly, Musk felt positive about Joe Biden coming to power.

He told Fortune that he was looking forward to Joe Biden’s presidency for one major reason: Biden’s worry about climate change. “I’m ecstatic that the incoming administration is so concerned about climate change,” Musk told Fortune.

Given Musk’s disdain of Tesla workers’ attempts to unionize, large donations to Republican candidates — and his affection for Texas — the CEO’s backing for a more left-leaning administration was somewhat surprising. Musk frequently sided with Trump in the early days of the pandemic when it came to the country’s reaction, calling lockdown measures a violation of people’s rights and freedoms.

In September, Musk said in a New York Times interview that he was undecided about who to vote for, defining his position as “socially quite liberal, and then economically right of center, maybe, or center.” “I think this is great,” he told the magazine.

“I feel very optimistic about the future of sustainable energy with the new administration. Not that we should get complacent or anything, but the wind is at our back for solving the climate crisis with the new administration.” In the past, the CEO has supported environmental measures.

Musk resigned from Trump’s advisory boards in 2017 when Trump announced the US will pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Biden made attempts to rejoin the agreement during his first days in office. “My staff, being highly pro-environment, knows a lot of people that Biden is bringing in,” Musk said to Fortune, adding, “we will do our best to be helpful to the future government with respect to climate.”

Musk vs Biden Musk was purportedly irritated when Trump failed to include the electric vehicle manufacturer in a tweet that stated “Companies like GM and Ford are building more electric vehicles here at home than ever before.”

Replying to Biden’s Twitter post on the future electric vehicles in America, Musk wrote the name of “Tesla” in all caps. In another tweet, he said, “Biden is a damp Socks puppet in human form.” Musk also said that “Biden is treating the American public like fools”.

He made these comments after meeting with officials from rival automakers General Motors and Ford Motor earlier this week. The remark comes after Biden welcomed the CEOs of GM and Ford, as well as other corporate executives, to the White House to discuss his administration’s Build Back Better legislation.

Interestingly, when Biden issued an executive order last year aimed at making all vehicles sold in the United States electric by 2030, he summoned officials from these companies. Musk, who has been critical of the Biden administration, was left off the list.

According to Fox News, Tesla CEO Elon Musk remarked in September 2021 that the Biden administration is “a little biased” and “looks to be” controlled by unions. By 2030, he wants EVs to account for 50% of all new automobiles sold in the United States.

He offered a number of incentives to assist with this, including tax credits for consumers and government funding for charging stations.

When it comes to promoting the benefits of electric vehicles, there is a fair question as to why Biden has been mainly silent on Tesla.

And it’s probably summarised in three letters: UAW. Because electric vehicles have significantly fewer moving components and require far less labor to build, the United Auto Workers union is concerned about what the industry-wide shift to EVs will entail for its members’ jobs.

Making an EV, according to Ford, involves around 30% less work than making a standard automobile. The battery packs account for a large portion of the value of electric vehicles. Rather than building battery plants in their own factories, unionized automakers have formed joint ventures to do so. It’s unclear whether those battery factories will become unionized.

However, the UAW has so far shown support for Biden’s pro-union EV efforts. In August, UAW President Ray Curry, along with the CEOs of General Motors (GM), Ford (F), and Stellantis, attended an EV summit at the White House, to which Musk was not invited.

When questioned if Tesla’s absence was due to a lack of union presence, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t contest that interpretation, despite the fact that CEOs of manufacturers with a fraction of Tesla’s EV sales were included.

“Well, these are the United Auto Workers’ three greatest employers, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions,” she explained. For this report, the UAW declined to comment. Tesla is still adamantly anti-union, and Musk is as anti-union as any CEO in the sector.

On multiple occasions, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled against him. The UAW has made little success in its efforts to organize Tesla, and Musk has mocked the union and its supporters on numerous occasions.

In November, he tweeted, “New UAW slogan: ‘Fighting for their right to steal money from employees!” He said in October that the UAW’s relationship with Biden is the key reason Tesla has received no backing from an otherwise pro-EV administration.

The Build Back Better bill, which is now on life support in Congress, contains a slew of incentives to entice customers to buy electric vehicles. This includes a larger tax credit for electric vehicle owners — with an additional big credit for those who buy EVs made in the United States by unionized labor — as well as government backing for a charging network.

However, Tesla would profit less from these benefits than other EV manufacturers, and Musk has stated that he opposes such initiatives. But Musk isn’t only irritated with the Biden administration’s stance on electric vehicle subsidies.

He’s also stated that he opposes the Biden administration’s ideas to raise taxes on America’s wealthiest citizens and to impose a minimum tax on lucrative US corporations like Tesla, which pays no federal income tax due to prior losses.

Musk is expected to face a record $11 billion tax payment in 2021 as a result of exercising tens of billions in stock options that were slated to expire. However, even if his properties are worth hundreds of billions, the world’s richest individual can escape paying taxes in some years since his reportable income is close to nil.


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