Elon Musk’s $9,900 Tesla House Will Be On Sale From 15 AUGUST

Elon Musk’s $9,900 Tesla House Will Be On Sale From 15 AUGUST:- Elon Musk is going to announce the sale of homes from Tesla on August 15. Elon Musk is the person who modernizes and monetizes existing technologies in order to make the world a better place.

He cares very much about the environment, and this is a serious issue for him. He approached his decision accordingly and presented the production of small houses that will help minimize environmental damage.

Elon Musk will start selling Tesla’s home on August 15. Of course, rumors are circulating on the web, but is this a real release date for sure? What about the price? Looking at entrepreneur Elon Musk, it seems that all the enterprises that he starts led to success in one way or another.

What can I say about his electric car company, Tesla? We can safely say that it was Elon Musk who popularized electric cars in the world.

Over the past decade, Tesla has moved to the forefront of the electric vehicle market, creating innovative cars with the compelling cultural appeal, speed, unsurpassed efficiency, and a level of environmental awareness that has forced the entire automotive industry to stop and look at the mirror to reconsider its values, strategy, and future in all directions.

And so the construction of houses is his new undertaking. Does this mean that Elon Musk will turn people’s ideas around in this regard and popularize small houses? During this period of time, musk has sold his real estate and lives in a small house. In fact, I rented from my company.

It is houses like his that will be sold for a small price. Houses from Tesla will be able to reduce the cost of building comfortable homes by as much as 50%. She builds houses from two nine-meter-high blocks that can be attached to each other in many ways.

The blocks are coated with magnesium oxide, so the houses are fireproof, waterproof, and resistant to mold. The process of buying a house from Boxable looks simple. The buyer chooses the layout, and the builders assemble the house like a Lego constructor.

It is also likely that these homes will have preinstalled miracle batteries, a power wall from Tesla, which can supply energy to private homes and commercial enterprises. According to the creators, or rather, according to the way they serve their product, this battery will generate electrical energy from solar panels.

So the owners essentially turn out to be the owners of their personal power plant. Most likely, all the electricity in the house will be from solar panels. The solar roof from Ilona Muscat does not differ in appearance from a conventional roof, only when looking at it from a right angle.

It turns out that this is an unusual tile, but a small solar panel. Traditional photovoltaic cells installed on the roofs of houses, despite the efforts of their designers and architects, do not look very good. Not only do they require a special assembly system, but their appearance is separated from the single roof structure and spoils its aesthetics.

The Tesla tile actually it is the Solar City Company, which was headed by Elon Musk, looks like an ordinary tile, and is primarily a tiled roof. The premiere of the solar roof took place in October 2016, but only since May 2017it has gone on sale in the USA.

The solar roof should be available all over the world, but so far the list of countries is small. In Europe, it can be bought in Germany and the UK. The price depends on the location of the house and consequently the number of solar cells and batteries needed to store energy.

And since Tesla’s houses can be placed anywhere, it seems like a good solution. What will the houses from Elon Musk be like? According to rumors, the price for them will be about $9,900.Is this price tag real? Let’s take a closer look. Watch this video to the end to learn more.

Elon Musk’s apartment building in Texas is Boxable Casita, a folding prefabricated house with an area of only about 37 sq. M, designed for quick installation and maximum accessibility. In fact, it is a constructor that is easy to assemble and disassemble, but at the same time, the housing is durable.

Made of concrete panels and steel, it is easy to transport. Even a powerful Tesla model three-passenger car will pull it modest. The new house from the Tesla Company is quite difficult to call. These houses are designed by housing startup Boxable and have a very light folding structure.

Elon Musk’s modest home is located on the territory of Boca Chica, Texas. It is there that the private SpaceX spaceport is located from where the Falcon Nine launch vehicles, crew Dragon spacecraft, and Starship prototypes for flights to Mars are launched.

The company is actively recruiting new employees, so in the future, it intends to create a small town so that workers do not have to travel far. The settlement is planned to be created on the border between the United States and Mexico, in a territory that officially belongs to no one.

The worker’s children will study at the Brownsville School, which can be reached by bus in about 20 minutes. So the first Tesla houses will be occupied by Tesla employees themselves. According to Elon Musk, in a couple of years, the population of the Starbase will be several thousand people.

The company is already in great need of engineers, builders, and maintenance personnel. Therefore, everyone is recommended to move to Texas. The housing issue remains an acute problem in many countries, including America.

The high cost of ready-made housing, as well as land plots and building materials for construction, forces many families to rent an apartment or take out a mortgage, consciously driving themselves into debt bondage for many years.

Buying a mobile home will solve the housing problem. The construction of mobile housing will help solve the housing problems of many families. According to the reviews of people living in such houses, this housing is quite suitable for year-round living.

However, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology and quality of work. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable or very expensive to live in such a house in winter.

Due to the increased cost of heating, companies producing such houses use materials with low heat transfer, applying innovative technologies that help to build it quickly and also make it suitable for year-round living and resistant to seismic fluctuations.

There are rumors that the houses from the Tesla Company will be modular. Modular consist of separate parts

According to the manufacturer, it is possible to completely assemble and disassemble the house in a few hours. Despite the fact that the house itself occupies an area of only 35 sq. M, everything in it is designed very compactly and conveniently.

The interior is divided into four parts a full-size kitchen with a breakfast bar, a cozy living room, a bedroom, and a stylish bathroom. The ceiling height is two seven m. Light penetrates through large windows and additional lighting is achieved thanks to Led lamps.

A low cabinet with an electric fireplace serves as an elegant partition separating the living room from the bedroom. The manufacturer paid great attention to the kitchen, which in such houses is more for show than to perform its direct functions.

There is also a refrigerator, a stove, a double sink, and a dishwasher. A large number of dishes will fit into the hanging cabinets, and there will be somewhere to turn around during cooking. As for the bathroom, it is combined. Instead of a bath, there is a shower cabin.

At the same time, a dressing table is placed here, which accommodates a large number of hygiene accessories. So Elon Musk quite calmly writes his tweets there. Elon Musk cares very much about the environment, and this is a fact.

So in order to provide for damage from the production and operation of new houses, they will probably be built using the technology of passive houses. A passive house requires 90% less energy than a regular house.

This remaining 10 % can be easily replenished by passengers, body heat, the sun, lightbulbs, appliances, and other similar items. Do these houses already have first-time buyers? Not quite. assembled into one structure.

Each section fulfills its purpose and is equipped with the necessary communications. Finished modules are brought to the construction site and assembled into a single structure. An interesting technical solution is self-folding mobile homes, which the company Tenfold Engineering produces.

When assembled, it is placed in a standard container and transported to the installation site by truck. After unloading at the installation site, it is enough to press the button so that the structure unfolds into a full-fledged building with an area of 60 sq. M.

It will remain to bring furniture into such a cot since communications have already been installed in it and lamps that work from solar panels are built-in. Manufacturers produce mobile housing of various types which differs in design, interior, and exterior decoration, and therefore living conditions.

But as we know, Elon Musk intends to produce houses with different construction techniques and therefore with different price categories, so that people can choose what they like.

These houses, of course, will be very ecofriendly, as we told a little above, experts analyzed what these huge volumes of fuel extracted from underground were actually used for.

The result was shocking. The largest share of modern energy consumption was used for heating buildings, more than a third for those who are well versed in physics. It immediately became clear that this could be done more efficiently. It was only a matter of implementation.

There are no exact dates yet for the commissioning of these houses from Elon Musk, but some people believe that it will be in the next few years. Also, the question of price remains open.

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