Elon Musk announced Tesla Giga Texas Grand OPENING PARTY 2022

Elon Musk announced Tesla Giga Texas Grand OPENING PARTY 2022: Tesla is expanding its peripheries globally by constructing new Gigafactories. The demand for Electric vehicles is ascending day by day, eventually, the number of units produced should also boost. Tesla and its Research and Development team have already forecasted the future where EVs will be in significant demand in the coming years. Hence they are equipped to fulfill future needs and lead the automobile industry.

Even Gigafactory is significant for Tesla and its future. From sources, it was disclosed that Tesla is intending to construct more than 3 Gigafactories in different parts of the world. Theirs constructing more and more production units is always an amazing fact, but the super fascinating is Gigafactories grand opening parties.

Up to the date, every Gigafactory opening was outstanding with a surprise as a bonus! Some really exciting events are being scheduled for the Tesla Giga Texas grand opening party!

Tesla and its team always surprise the public with groundbreaking innovations and events. Tesla has always been honest and cheerful around its customers, followers, and the public. The event that is committed for Tesla Giga Texas will turn out to be artful!

The super Giga factory Texas is an automotive manufacturing plant near Austin, Texas. It has been under construction by Tesla Inc for a long time. At the time of their planning, they aimed to have the first production before the end of this year and start its volume production in 2022.

However, according to their roadmap, they are a bit delayed. But this will surely pay off once it starts its full-fledged production. This factory is especially constructed for the upcoming Tesla cybertruck and the Tesla semi. Apart from these two Giga Texas will also be producing well-known and efficient Model 3 and Model Y cars for the Eastern United States.

This will not only be the production unit but will also serve as the location of Tesla’s corporate headquarters. The plan for Giga texas is classic and will turn out to be the vital contributor to Tesla’s upcoming victory. Phase I of Giga Texas construction is on the verge of completion, and most importantly everything turned out to be as planned and expected by the company.

From the sources, it was revealed that they will be kick-starting their production at the start of 2022. Though there is no official announcement as of now for the start of production by the Tesla team. Nevertheless, production will only begin after Tesla CEO Elon Musk throws a party for the new Giga Texas.

He himself announced that the Giga Texas opening party will take place in early 2022. So one can expect the inaugural ceremony anytime in the first few months of 2022. Elon added that the celebration will include the golden opportunity to tour the factory for the community. This is not the first time Tesla is planning a mind-blowing launch of the Giga factory.

Ones who are followers of Tesla and Elon will be aware of the grand openings of Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin. The official opening ceremony is one of Tesla’s traditions, with this they are sharing a proud moment with the community and the public. The Giga Shanghai started its production somewhere in 2019, the opening ceremony ritual was amazing.

It is one of the biggest production units of Tesla and variants of the tesla model are manufactured at large scales in Giga Shanghai. For this memorable moment, Elon himself flew to China and gave people a secret glimpse of his dance skills.

Interestingly, there were gossips that the dance he performed also happened to include a marriage proposal. During the ceremony in Giga Shanghai, they handed over the first vehicles to its customers. Next was a grand opening for Giga berlin. This manufacturing unit is almost on the verge of starting its production, it is expected to start from quarter 1 of 2022.

Initially, according to the plan, Giga Berlin should be in its working process at this time, but because of some local issues, it was delayed. However one cannot forget a huge party Elon has arranged. At this event, Elon chose to plan for a country party/rave party for Gigafactories grand opening. However, he did not miss surprising people by Giga Bier.

The next awaited grand opening is for Giga Texas. A couple of months back in October, some sources revealed Elon’s idea of a Texas BBQ party for the Tesla gigafactory in Austin. Again this is something unique and exciting! One of the states named Thrillist in Central Texas is well-known for the best slow-smoked meats. The source stated, “When people say ‘Texas-style,’ they mean ‘Central Texas-style,”.

If they plan such a unique style BBQ party they will be serving all the native barbecue styles found in Central Texas. Usually, all the Tesla grand openings or parties have become a way for the company to “meet neighbors”.

This will help the locals to get a familiar picture with the EV manufacturer and celebrate their proud moment. So celebrating with locals and throwing an old-fashioned Texas BBQ party will be a great combination for the Gigafactory opening ceremony at Austin. The grand project in Austin will help generate direct jobs and even indirect jobs for the local community in Phase 1 of expansion.

Tesla’s official team stated that the company will be investing more than $10 billion in the future and this will ultimately generate 20000 direct and around 100000 indirect jobs for locals. Apart from neighbors, on the grand launch of Giga Texas, some of the tesla influencers from YouTube and Twitter will surely be allowed to join the event.

One of the enthusiasts, Gail Alfar tweeted that “It’s getting harder and harder to see inside the factory during drone filming as the walls are going up.”

Everything related to Giga Texas is still a blurred image, but one thing is a surety that all enthusiasts are eager to know what exactly is happening inside Giga Texas as of now. Some sources revealed that the Texas production unit will only be dedicated to manufacturing Model Y.

But on the flip side, the local observer, Joe Tegtmeyer, who routinely flies their drones around the factory noticed production equipment for 4680 cell production. He uploaded a small video clip on his Twitter account that spotted a 4680 cell manufacturing area at Giga Texas in Austin.

By viewing the pics and a slow-motion small video clip, Tesla aficionado and Physics engineer Alex assumes that the 4 different stations visible in the photographs and video are performing different tasks, some of which involve lasers.

Alex tweeted, “The processes possibly are Electrode flag-patterning, Jelly-roll winding, and current collector welding” Joe uploaded the latest construction progress and information he found through drone footage on his YouTube channel.

The video he posted was really worth watching! Production of 4680 cells at Giga Texas could not be a surprise as this can be true because in the past Elon pinpointed several times that Model Y electric SUVs made at Giga texas and Giga Berlin will have the new 4680 cells and structural battery packs.

4680 cells are currently produced at the Fremont factory but they have limited production capacity from which maximum will be utilized for Semi truck production. So it is obvious that for Model Y Giga texas will be requiring 4680 cells.

These 4680 cells are really important for producing Model Y as this will help in increasing the range, efficiency, and rate of battery pack production. Not only in Model Y and small trucks but these cells will also be used for cybertruck production which is scheduled for the next year at Giga Texas. The Giga texas is constructed for solving many purposes for Tesla and its team.

From different sources, varied information is revealed. But what exactly is going on behind the walls is known by none. This significant plot will serve many purposes and hence is a significant Gigafactory for Tesla and the team. So the opening ceremony is expected to be really enormous, it can be a mind-blowing native texas BBQ party or might be some other unique ceremony.

But one thing is a surety that is Elon’s astonishing reveal of something really interesting to all the followers, team, and the team. So what do you think? When will Giga texas be ready with its first production lot? Can we really expect a blast opening party by Tesla CEO Elon Musk? What is really being produced in Giga texas? Let us know your views and opinions in the comments!


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