4 thoughts on “Will the SpaceX Starship fail like the Space Shuttle?”

  1. I am concerned about the need to refuel the starship to reach the moon.
    A method to refuel in space has not been perfected.
    It appears that it may require ten or more tanker flights to completely fill the starship tanks.
    This could take six months or more. Liquid oxygen and methane are likely to evaporate before the starship reaches the moon.

  2. I think with Elon’s team and him at the helm they stand a far better chance of been successful. As a kid I was in awe of NASA but some “management” decisions leave a alot to be desired…… Those lives were sacrificed for commercial reasons, which is never an option. I too have been pressurized into doing things as an Airline pilot, which I never allowed….or worse still as in the case of Columbia, they were not told, or were lied to about the extent of the damage, when in fact there were other options. It’s unforgivable. Government’s are not good at making money, only spending it. I wish Elon and his team the very best.


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