Take A Look at Elon Musk’s Future City

Take A Look at Elon Musk’s Future City: According to Forbes, Tesla and SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk is the world’s most innovative person for the second time in a row this year. And it is very clear that he has achieved incredible success in business.

Ten years ago, people considered him a careless man with extravagant ideas. In 2008, his company Tesla collapsed during the financial crisis.

Now Tesla is one of the most successful niche car companies in the production of electric cars, all due to the fact that Elon Musk persevered and persevered. He did what was considered impossible 10 years ago. But he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

He has many innovative and wild plans for the future of mankind which will improve our quality of life. Elon Musk believes that technology is getting better and better day by day.

Things are developing so fast that the future may be filled with exponential technological advancements that will change the world. In the future, we will have video games so realistic that it will be difficult for us to tell the difference between games and reality.

From self-driving tunnel networks to brain-controlled computers, we’re going to see how Elon Musk and his technology will lead us and build the city of the future. Elon says that we always want the future to be better than the past.

A future that is exciting and in which people would like to live. A few decades ago many technological advancements seemed unimaginable but today they are our new normal, life without them is unimaginable.

So let’s see what Elon Musk’s city of the future will look like. So how do we get from city to city in the future city of Elon? It’s hard to imagine being able to fly from New York City to Shanghai in 39 minutes, or from Sydney to London in an hour. But it’s something Elon and SpaceX are working on.

Elon compared space rockets to airplanes, saying that it would cost up to $250 million to fly one way if you didn’t reuse an aircraft, but because we could reuse them tens of thousands of times. Can do it, it gets cheaper.

The same is true for space rockets. A SpaceX rocket costs about $57 million and if the rocket is reused a thousand times, it costs about $57 thousand per flight and by carrying people, we can get the price of a rocket flight as an economy flight. You can get the ticket price.

The Starship rocket is being developed to take people to Mars, it can also take people from one city to another.

In a 2017 interview Elon said that he is working for it to become a reality in the next 10 years and if you can move people, you can also move cargo which means one thing for people. Super fast delivery.

Another way to quickly deliver packages from one part of the country to another would be electric semi-trucks developed by Tesla. These semi-trucks require a driver, but in the future, we will see fully driverless versions of these and make delivery and transportation cheaper.

Also, these trucks will be good for the environment as 25% of the greenhouse gases come from the trucking industry. Although these ideas seem far-fetched and Elon plans to make them possible over the next 10 to 12 years.

There is another method that Elon plans to develop, and that is transported via the Hyperloop. What do you ideally want when you think of a new transportation system, asks Elon Musk?

You want something that costs half the price to travel, is twice as fast, doesn’t crash, and is weather-resistant. To make this possible, Elon is working on the idea of ​​a Hyperloop, which will take around 12 minutes to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and will also be powered by solar panels.

There will be hyperloop stations inside cities, which will make traveling easier and faster. Several Hyperloop routes are being planned and they will be a major attraction in Elon’s future.

Elon is constantly coming up with new ideas and innovative technologies that are amazing. In addition to the ideas discussed above, let’s look at the future city of Elon.

Most people would imagine that a futuristic city would be filled with flying cars and drones with state-of-the-art technology. But Elon is different in this respect. In a TED interview, when asked about his vision for an exciting future, he dismissed the idea of ​​flying cars and drones, saying no cars flying over us and creating all kinds of mess. Would like to see

Elon is right in many ways, he said that one of the most soul-destroying things is traffic, and if there is traffic in the wind or cars that will block the view of the sky, affected by the weather and many other factors, that will happen. Not the perfect futuristic city you want.

To counter this traffic problem that takes away much of our lives, he plans to build a 3-D network of tunnels. For this, he has set up a company called The Boring Company which will build tunnels.

He believes that the solution to urban traffic is a network of tunnels that go deep beneath cities. He says, “Since you can always go deeper than you can go upstairs, the deepest minds go deeper than the tallest buildings.

So we can have a network of tunnels that can go as deep as 20, 30, or 40 levels where the cars can go up to 200 kph because the railing guides the car and when you enter the tunnel your autopilot takes over.

But tunneling is a slow and costly process and would require a tunneling process that is cheaper than the current one. The Boring Company is working to make this possible with a new tunnel digger.

Elon says the first thing that needs to be done is to cut down on the size of the tunnel. Tunnels today need to be larger, to allow for the emergency of accidents and ventilation for gas-powered vehicles. This can be eliminated by using self-driving electric cars that reduce the size of the tunnels.

In order to make the digging process efficient, we need to build a fast excavator, which can dig and strengthen the tunnel at the same time. This idea of ​​tunneling is safe and also allows people to live in peace.

The journey from Westwood to LAX Airport which takes 30 minutes and may increase due to traffic, will take only 5 to 6 minutes in a Boring Company tunnel. Elon says that in the coming 10 to 12 years it will be unusual to build cars that aren’t completely self-driving because they are getting closer to being 100 to 200 percent safer than a human driver.

He says that sitting in a car would be like getting into the lift today and pressing a button. Electric cars are possible today because of the falling prices of lithium-ion batteries. Tesla’s main expertise is in batteries!

Tesla is building giga-factories that make lithium-ion batteries for Tesla cars, among other parts. Elon believes that a total of 100 gig factories would be needed to give humanity enough battery capacity to be fully renewable.

There are currently two gigs in the United States and one factory in China. Tesla has announced plans for another Giga factory in Germany. As our cities and lives are electrified, everything will also be connected.

This will be made possible by Starlink, a project of SpaceX, which aims to launch around 12000 satellites into orbit which will provide internet to all over the world and even in places where people do not have internet today!

SpaceX launched the first batch of these satellites in May 2019, which was announced by Elon by posting a tweet using these satellites in its ELON MUSK.

These will be deployed not only on Earth but also as a communication system around Mars. So far we have discussed many of Elon Musk’s projects and visions for his future city.

Now let’s see what our life will be like in one of the future cities of Elon. Things will be very different in the future, even from where we get our food.

Elon’s brother Kimball Musk, who is a board member of Tesla and SpaceX, is also a co-founder of Square Roots, a company that is building shipping container vertical farms in towns and cities as a more viable way to grow food. Is.

We’ll get our greens from farm to table in just 4 hours, and Kimball says the technology that’s being used today to cultivate food in climate-controlled city locations will be used on Mars too! Imagine when you got off your self-driving car at your office.

You will have more time to go to meetings and events because of the time savings from driverless cars. So in a futuristic city that will be completely mind-boggling, what is being taught in school? How will the study be?

Elon Musk believes that the way children are taught in regular schools does not comply with their needs. In this new age of technology, it is completely obsolete. To this end, he started his own school for his children and some of the employees’ children at SpaceX and is also on the SpaceX campus.

It’s called Ad Astra, which means To the Stars! The founder of SpaceX and Neuralink believes there is one fundamental element the modern education system lacks: problem-solving. He explains it with an example: “It’s important to teach problem-solving. Let’s say you’re trying to teach how an engine works.

Now, a traditional way is to teach everyone about screwdrivers and wrenches, which is a hard way to do it. A good approach would be: Here’s an engine, let’s take it apart, and how are we supposed to do it? For this, we need a screwdriver or wrench.

When we teach like this, something important happens, the relevance of the equipment becomes clear.” And he is right, our new generation’s education must be adapted to today’s advanced technology and scientific knowledge.

He breaks down learning into the form of downloading data and algorithms to your mind. He wants to make learning easy. If learning is like a game, then it is as interesting as it is for children.

He also focuses on explaining why things are being taught as this makes a huge difference in the motivation of the child. At Ad Astra, they don’t let kids go through grades like on the assembly line, which is being done in many schools today because every child is unique and has their own abilities and interests.

Kids should explore non-traditional subjects like robotics and artificial intelligence even study the ethics of AI and study physics as it is the best way to understand our future as well as physics you Develops problem-solving skills and uses them exclusively. shining process.

In this futuristic city kids and adults will spend their free time playing crazy and engaging video games which are unimaginable today. Elon explains that only 40 years ago the most advanced game was Pong, consisting of two rectangles and a small ball, but today we have games with high graphics that are very similar to reality.

People from all over the world can play these multiplayer games, and they will be even more advanced in the future. We will have VR sets and force-feedback gloves, in the future we will play games that will be indistinguishable from reality.

Elon says that we are progressively creating more and more intelligence and that the percentage of intelligence that is not human is increasing.

Elon says that we can think of humans as a biological boot loader to introduce digital super-intelligence, so there is a need for some merger that connects biological intelligence with machine intelligence because in the future we will be working with AI. We Will be very slow to survive and therefore we will have to develop or there will be a crisis in the future.

To fix this problem, Elon Musk has come up with futuristic technology – NeuraLink. He founded this company in 2016 and the company is making a chip that will be implanted in the brain so that you will be able to connect to the computer.

So far a monkey has managed to control the computer with its brain. Neuralink is now petitioning various authorities to start human trials in the coming 2 years which will give us supernatural powers to think and get information.

Elon Musk The city of the future will be very different from the city we live in today, many things will change, many will not, but one thing is certain that we are in the golden age of technology and with the help of this technology, we can live our lives. The method can be improved. More in the future.

In a future where we can travel to any other city in the world in under an hour, where everything will run on batteries, not fossil fuels. A thousand satellites will connect every part of the world and people.

The rate of change of technology is incredibly fast, and every new decade is something no one could have imagined in the previous decade.

Elon Musk is very motivated to work for the long-term welfare of humans and to inspire many others of a new generation so that we can all move forward as a civilization becomes a Type 3 civilization.


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